playing catch up

it’s been a while.
i’ve missed you, blog of mine.
let’s reconnect.
i’ll catch you up on my life, if you are interested…
i’ve been working the night shifts at starbucks, closing the store, but my boss let me take off a few days & my family & i squeezed in a spur-of-the-moment 4-day trip to new orleans. 
i went with my sister, mom, two aunts & 87 year-old grandmother. yeah. she’s a trooper. it was impressive.
we stayed in a quaint, little hotel in the heart of the french quarter.
we ate our way around town, trying new restaurants (&food!) at every meal.
we browsed around the farmer’s market & popped in and out of shops & boutiques.
we took photoshoots on the bustling streets & gathered tons of inspiration from all the beauty of the city.
we even met up with a long-time friend who we met while living on the kibbutz in israel, over 4 years ago
two days after returning to dallas from n’awlins, my sister & her boyfriend were flying to israel for 10-day vacation & dekel and i were to house/dog sit while they were away. so we basically moved to carrolton for a while and took advantage of their pool and margaritaville machine 🙂
we just “moved back in” to my mom’s house & it feels good to be home.
i’m off work today, so i got a spray tan for no reason in particular. 
just ate a bowl of honey bunches of oats with light chocolate soy milk & it was delicious. try it.
i would love to share some pics from our new orleans trip, if you would like to see…
on the shuttle to our hotel in new orleans
 dauphine street, near where we stayed
 a very festive street in the french quarter
 first meal of the trip was @ bubba gump
of course, someone at the table had to get gumbo for us all to try & it was so good!
 we had the entire upstairs to ourselves
 we each have an inner alter-ego
 shopping around
 check out all those different hot sauces
cafe du monde for cafe au lait & beignets 
omigoodness yum!
we didn’t do it.
 fresh prailines 
the storms a brewin’
  fresh oysters
 the courtyard-style pool area at our hotel
 grandmother reading her morning paper
stanley’s for breakfast
(left to right: grandmother, aunt carol, mom & mirelle)
we love halos!
breakfast of puffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, toast and spicy potatos & an iced coffee to wash it all down
walking around jackson square in her new fringe top from h&m and sportin’ a pretty halo
 giant french horn
 live jazz
shopping with my sis!
 welp! mirelle’s in trouble again…
(joke of the trip!)
 we loved spinning shots of this fringe top!
trolley in the middle of canal street
 on the trolley headed to the garden district
in lafayette cemetary no. 1 
 lafayette cemetary no. 1
 our tia dela bought us matching skull rings cause we are SO into skulls right now!
 sharing a caesar salad for lunch
 they need to take their mail
new purse (& shorts!) from marshalls, top is mirelle’s from h&M and sandals from payless
 @ clover grill for a big, hearty new orleans style breakfast.
mirelle got hashbrowns & biscuits with sausage gravy
 i got a sausage patty and a huge, fluffy waffle. yum!
 walking around the city
 loving this skull purse!
photoshoot on busy bourbon street
 we got new matching “love” necklaces
 new dress from marshalls
huge muffaletta sandwich with fries
 red beans & rice with sausage and toast
  exposed brick walls in la bayou oyster bar on bourbon street
fleur de lis gate

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