back in action

we made it home after a relaxing, beautiful anniversary trip to mexico a few days ago & dekel and i both are in action mode with our individual online businesses. we had a blast with each other & tried to soak up as much sun & spanish as we could. we stayed in a resort in san jose, a small town 30 minutes outside of cabo & just took a bus into the city when we had activities, like whale-watching and snorkeling. we also went to the market a few times & loved just walking up and down the cabo marina. we each gained about 5 pounds, but those margaritas, pinas & tacos were well worth it! mexico, we will be back 🙂

on another note, mirelle & i were the sour melan was accepted to be a vendor at the 1st annual wildflower festival in kemp, texas on april 12th. we couldn’t be more excited to participate & really hope it will be a success! but an upcoming event (especially when we have never done this before and have no idea what to expect) requires a lot of work, in addition to making tons of product to take with us to sell at the festival. we must find a gazebo or tent for our booth, design a collage of our customers representing our products, figure out the layout for our booth and get tables, chairs & all other necessary items. i hope this opens the doors to many more festivals & many more business collaborations for the sour melan
but for now, i will leave you with a few a shit ton of photos from our cabo trip 🙂

lounging around sippin’ pinas
beautiful sunset from our resort over san jose
popsicles from a street vendor: mine was coconut & dek’s was limon
 loving the pool-side, drink-in-hand life
corona vs. pacifico
  walking to the bus station to get into cabo san lucas
pretty, colorful boats in the cabo san lucas marina
casually pushing around a giant swordfish!
going whale-watching!
breakfast on the boat  of pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, refried beans, and nacho chips with spicy salsa
playing with the selective color option on our new camera
the even-more-gorgeous-in-person arches of cabo
 beautiful waters
we saw whales! 
pit beer stop
loungin with my boo
tryin’ on dekel’s new hat 🙂 
 goin’ to breakfast in the blanco flowerhalo 

  one of the 1st flowerhalos i ever made & it’s still one of my favorites…
we named it the lockhart.
  after an exhausting snorkeling trip 
 current read: onward by howard schultz
ready to start the day!
 anniversary dinner of a huge ass burger
 the “main area” at our resort in san jose
divorce beach
(how can such a beautiful place have such a name?!)
the waves, even so close to the shore, were giant & really violent, but dekel loved it!

a truly amazing beach
just layin’ out…

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