the end to my week

i am super happy because i am off work for the day & it’s only 2 pm 🙂
one of my favorite parts of working at starbucks is getting off work at noon, it’s like you have already worked and have the rest of the day to work out, run errons, meet up with friends, grocery shop, etc… 
yes, you do have to begin your day at 4 am, but hey, there is caffeine for that!
so after work today i stopped by a few estate sales that were on my way home (i love estate sales!), i gassed up my car & then redeemed a “free half snap” at snappy salads for lunch that i had sitting in my inbox for a few weeks now. and for someone who salad is their favorite food, snappy’s is my favorite restaurant! today i built my own with mix of lettuce and spinach, carrot shreds, sliced mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese crumbles & sunflower seeds with a low-fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing. omigoodness, amazing! the possibilities are endless, too! i love that place.
tonight i think dekel and i will meet up with my sister and her bf for dinner & drinks at an unknown location (probably chilis) and then i am off work tomorrow and planning to spend some much needed quality time with my hubby. maybe i’ll surprise him with a hike? i really want to take him to do this indoor skydiving experience, but i think ill save up on that one. 
i work sunday, but then we will probably do our usual sunday family lunch, which i always enjoy to the max!
what are your plans this weekend? 
photo of me on a bike ride with dekel in vang vieng, laos- january 2012

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