graduation weekend & more

last weekend was an event-filled one!
with my brother’s college graduation, my dad in town from israel & mother’s day, it was busy, to say the least. 
my dad flew in town to attend my brother’s graduation at a&m and he stayed in dallas thursday-monday, which was nice. we got to hang out and catch up. we always have really great, long, honest “talks” about anything and everything. this time the topic was my brother. he’s been isolating himself for a while now, claiming to be “busy in school” or whatever, but there’s no excuse if you actually want to make family a priority. so we all sat down and talked and finally turned a new page in our relationships to work harder at communicating and contacting each other, especially with my dad living across the world and my brother moving to new york now. 
it’s funny how “easy” it was for us to be a family when we were younger and lived under the same roof, but as i’ve grown up i’ve really seen how important it is to stay in touch, even with the smallest details of your life, in order to maintain those relationships and to keep those people close to you. 
welp…”i think i might be an adult,” like my friend katelin would say. 
we had a wonderful mother’s day this year. 
mirelle & i took my mom, grandmother and aunt carol out to brunch at a new-to-us place called eden restaurant on lovers lane here in dallas. it was buffet style with different salads, prime rib, corn soup and different quiches with a whole dessert spread as well.

we were even able to squeeze in a stop to the grand opening of bask boutique in snider plaza, here in dallas. my friend (& college roommate!) ashley opened it with her friend, megan, and the place is amazing! they carry amazing swimwear & accessories lines, so if you are in need of a hot piece this summer, go check ’em out!

here are some photos from last weekend, if you’d like to see.

today, dekel & i are headed to deep ellum brewery to take a tour and have some beer. 
i’m working tomorrow, but only until 1, so after that we will probably do a family lunch.
mel & i have lots of work to do for sour melan, we were accepted as vendors for the lake dallas 4th of july festival! so we are working like crazy to build our stock & prepare for a successful event! 
i’d love to know!
what are your plans this weekend? 

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