greetings from israel

hi there!
it is midnight here as i type this and we just got home from enjoying a beer at a local restaurant/pub near where dekel’s parents called BBB. it’s a burger bar with a few great taps and its convieniently located so we went out for a bit, but i thought since i am up and not tired at all (stupid jet lag!) i would share some photos from our travels and our first few days in israel. sorry for the low-qual photos, but we didnt bust out our camera…just opted for iphone photos instead, but i promise better photos will follow this post! 🙂
 dallas  —> amsterdam  —> israel
 arriving in centraal station about to start out little layover in the city
 bikes, bikes, bikes
 i couldn’t get enough of the quaint, little alleyways filled with cafes, shops & bakeries
people watching with an “ice cold” heineken in hand
 about to land in israel, after about 28 hours of travel
geva (dekel’s little brother) welcomed us at the airport with a huge sign & warm hugs
  at guy (dekel’s best friend since childhood) & karin’s wedding, the evening we landed 
 we had a blast! the top pic is a group shot of most of dek’s friends 
the view from dekel’s sisters house is breath-taking, 
you can see so much land & so many mountains!
at the beach with my sisters, we buried leonne in the sand. i’ve always wanted to do that! 
she wouldn’t let us put boobs on her, so shells had to suffice…
had a blast with these two!
they are 11 & 10.5 so it was fun to be a kid with them & build sand castles, throw sand balls at each other and goof around in the water…
 our first schwarma of the trip…there will be many more of these consumed in the next 2 weeks! 
reppin’ texas here in israel, of course, so i wore my san marvelous tank to the beach today & on the way home i had to snap some pics in a gorgeous field near dek’s parents house 🙂


thanks for checking in & i will be uploading more photos / stories soon, so stay tuned!

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