partner party

a few weekends ago my partners & i celebrated the holidays with a cozy little get-together. 
we all most of us brought something to eat or drink and daiana brought cards against humanity which we played…which got interesting. but now i totally understand why the game is called that! it was so much fun, maybe too much fun for me as i definitely had a glass or two too many of wine, but hanging out with my friends from work, outside of work, is always fun. 
i haven’t even mentioned on my blog yet, but i’m going with my mom and sister to new york for a few days! we leave the 29th and will ring in the new year in a different city with a totally different vibe. sadly, dek isn’t coming with us. i miss him already. don’t event get me started. but this is a girls trip and he didn’t really want to join in this time. so we have rented an apartment in the upper west side and have plans to be total foodies for five days while we scope out the city for fun treats and take advantage of the scenic & iconic backgrounds for photoshoots, of course. if you have any suggestions on what to do/must see things/places, let me know 🙂
hope you all have a wonderful week & holiday!
here are some photos from our “partner party,” if you would like to see…
pasta salad & cider
spinach salad with strawberries & homemade peppermint bark (in the background) 
chili’s appetizer platter & cornbread (?)
i fell in love with this kitty
& stay tuned for a fun and super cool diy project that i will post soon!!

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