new york day two

for new york day two, after checking out taza’s guide, we decided to venture toward chelsea to walk the highline, find chelsea market and dine at artichoke basille’s(my friend molly recommended artichoke as well & it really was amazing!) but first, breakfast. zabar’s was one short block away from us & was our go-to. they have anything you could want! it is a huge corner lot with a food store to pick up or sit on a stool & people watch bagels, danishes, lunch paninis, coffee or fresh juice while a different huge section is like a grocery store, but with fresh items, like olives, cheeses, meats, coffees, etc. this place was amazing and we ate there every morning. we stuck to the same thing almost daily, which was an everything bagel, chocolate croissant, coffee and OJ and if i lived near there i swear i would be a regular! it reaaalllyyyy crowded in there (hello, claustrophobia!) but somehow we managed to pounce right in time to grab a spot three spots each time. it was also reaaalllyyyy toasty in there! you’re so bundled up from the cold outside that a few minutes after sitting down you feel the need to undress and peel off layers just to be comfortable. i always laughed to myself at the pile of coats, sweaters and bags we had next to us or under of chairs for the duration of the trip.later on in the evening, after walking what seemed like the entire highline & chelsea market, we decided to treat ourselves to massages, which was amazing and relaxing. and after our 60-minute massages, we met up with my brother ben who lives near times square and he showed us around rockefeller center to see some of the holiday sights.

here are some photos from new york day two, if you would like to see:

this is my serious grub face

it was also reeeaaallllyyy bright!

zabars – W. 80th & N. Broadway

on the highline

all bundled up

street art

we popped into death ave. for a cup of warm liquid and to map our next move

 artists & fleas at chelsea market

the indoor marketplace is huge! lots to try and see…

beautifully decorated

we found it! & loved it!

we ordered the 17th street special, where are got to try 3 different slices

view of times square from h&m

giant christmas tree at rockefeller center
life-size christmas lights at rockefeller center

radio city

 & this is where day 2 ends.

i will try to post day 3 tomorrow, since it’s my day off. 
thanks for reading!


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