new york day 3

this day was a random one for us, but it was really fun having no specific plan and just walking about the city.
starting out in the upper west side, we hit up zabar’s for breakfast (i’m telling you, we were there on the daily) and from there subwayed it to soho to walk the day away.  we got lost in the streets browsing vintage and second-hand shops & we accidentally ended up at the the beautiful washington square park, which was on my list of things to find anyways! there was even a pianist, which made it feel even more magical. after resting a bit (& drinking something warm & charging our phones!) at teavana we met up with my brother ben (which i recently nicknamed him: ben in the big apple) & he tour-guided us around the financial district. the buildings are so intricate and insanely gorgeous in this area,  i kept finding myself looking up, in awe of my surroundings. after seeing a few of the sights around there, like the “charging bull” & the NYSE, we subwayed it to right across the brooklyn bridge to eat at grimaldi’s. service there took forever, like an hour plus for our pizza to come out & it really wasn’t even all that great, but my mom & ben had eaten there before and wanted to go back. i still scarfed down two slices like it was nothing though, don’t doubt. but since we were on the other side of the water, i wanted to snap a few night shots of manhattan. the wind was slapping me in the face and my eyes were watering like crazy, plus i had to be glove-less to balance my camera on a ledge in order not to shake, but i think i got some decent shots and the live view was unreal. we were “under the brooklyn bridge” and it felt amazing.
hope you enjoy my photos!!
starting out the day with a selfie
“hammerboy” street art by banksy- upper west side
  washington square park
pretty rose petals for NYE on a sidewalk in soho
teavana pit stop; we had peach tranquility & youthberry. yum!
live music in the subway
walking around the financial district
“double check” statue by john seward johnson II – financial district 
 the “charging bull,” so many people were crowding around to get a photo with this!
  view of manhattan from “under the brooklyn bridge”
the brooklyn bridge
thanks for reading!
more new york posts coming soon, hope you’re not sick of them yet 😉

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