movin’ on

well hello there ! 
i feel like we haven’t talked i haven’t blogged in ages, and it really has been a few weeks but there’s good reason! 
we moved!
dek & i found a quaint studio apartment in addison at the post and have been busy moving/ situating ourselves since. we moved in on saturday the 24th with help from my sister, mirelle, her boyfriend randy, and my mom. i double booked myself and attended an intense class at beyond 500 hosted by andrea that same morning, which left me so worn out and sore (photos herehere!), and then spent 5 hours transporting heavy objects, so needless to say i could barely walk on sunday. ha!
anyways, we love our little place & have already hosted a small family meal to thank our mover-helpers 🙂 once i have some spare time i will go around our new neighborhood and take some photos of our surrounds and our new apartment to share with you guys, but in the meantime here are a handful of photos from life lately:

we rented a u-haul to transport our stuff, it was packed full but we forgot to take a “before” photo, so this is me & mel unloading the last item. you really should have seen us wheeling heavy objects and boxes piled high on a dolly of about 4 square feet space down a mile-long hallway trying not to run into walls or drop everything. it was truly a sight. but we did it! and within only a few hours plus one ice cream break. 

the exterior of our apartment building. we reside above retail space, which i absolutely love; it gives our place that “city” vibe! there are restaurants, bakeries, bars, pubs, photography and workout studios, etc… (directly below us is a yoga studio) 

sunset view from the rooftop

 testing out the inactive railraod track next to my apartment as a potential #ootd photoshoot backdrop. we approve 🙂

about to enjoy some white cheddar popcorn (thanks, mom!) & watch some american horror story, i am on episode 6 of season 1 and loving it! i recently watched the 6th season on tv and now i’m catching up on the others via netflix
have a great rest of the week !! 


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