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initially inspired by these, i knew i wanted to use small, wooden crate-like boxes to assemble a “centerpiece” for our living room area. since we live in a simple studio apartment and the floor plan is open, our whole place is basically just one big room, which we love. it feels open, inviting & homey. but there was just one big wall we weren’t sure what to do with. we were on the search for free or cheap wooden boxes, i mean we could have made them, but luckily dekel’s friend had 5 that he didn’t need and they were exactly what we were looking for, so we took them on as the DIY project i have always been wanting to do!we were going to my grandmother’s house today to do some yard work & around-the-house chores, so we brought our boxes and some black spray paint to do this potentially-messy project in a corner of her giant backyard. we first removed leftover stickers that were on the boxes and sanded each box down. then we took a slightly damp cloth to the boxes to wipe them down from debris. to avoid painting the grass black, we cup open a few 45 gallon trash bags and found some weights to hold the bags down. we decided to take advantage of this spray painting opportunity to DIY some patio chairs as well. my sister gave them to us for our little outside seating area and they are perfect, besides the color and the fact that they would leave green residue when you touched them, so a coat of black paint was a necessity & i think they came out great!

the next step was to decide how wide we wanted the v-shape format on our wall and just nail them in! we honestly just eyeballed the heights, so they might be off a tad, but it looks amazing to me & i love the result! to finish off our centerpiece, we added something to our wall that we’ve been wanting to mount for a while now, our scratch map! i got this for dekel for his birthday 3 years ago and finally it’s up:) (you can find one here!)dek sanding the boxes

the straightening tool is crucial so you don’t have uneven boxes, really helps!
we need to scratch more countires…i think costa rica will be the next one!

hope you liked this post!

stay tuned if you’d like to see how we decorated our small space of the world; full apartment tour coming up this week!

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