treasure hunt adventure

today is our three year anniversary.
our wedding day was so amazing, i love going back and reliving it.
we are more in love at this point in our relationship than we probably thought possible when we married. marriage is a funny thing. i really do fall more & more in love with my husband everyday. he never ceases to surprise me or make me laugh (usually about some dumb joke), he supports me in every way possible, he’s truthful even when its hard to hear, but important to know, he’s loyal and worships me, reminds me how beautiful i am several times a day. he is caring and will be an amazing father one day and i love thinking where our relationship will go in future years. 
i had to work today, but when i got home at noon there was a bouquet of beautiful pink & purple wild-looking flowers with a note on them that was the beginning of a treasure hunt around our new neighborhood! how cute is that! i had no idea he was planning this nor was i expecting anything because we mutually agreed not to get each other anything or do anything crazy today, but he really went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved and to create something fun for us to do. 
i’d love to share some photos from my little treasure hunt adventure, if you would like to see! dekel followed me around capturing my confusion. some of the hints needed a little further explanation, let’s just put it that way- haha!
gorgeous bouquet. husband did good.
clue no.1 
 i found clue no.2 pretty easily, behind a ‘parallel parking’ sign
in search of clue no.3
 found clue no.3 & a little friend
 clue no.4!
 looking for clue no.5 by the “blueprints” sculpture at the circle
clue no.5 led me north, past polk-a-dot bakery, to find a park bench with the number 825 on/near it
 found! clue no.6
 clue no.6 6 led me southwest from where i was to another park to locate a black light post. do you see how many black light posts are in the below photo? there were tons…guidance was necessary!
 clue no.7 led me to some trees under the addison water tower, where my treasure was waiting for me! dek sneakishly got my favorite kind of white wine, Gewurztraminer, and printed a sticker label with a photo from our wedding day on it. really special touch! funny note: the wine was in a bag with a note on it explaining that it was a valentine’s day gift and to please not touch, since it was sitting out in a public area, haha!
 he even brought glasses! we sat in the park and reminisced about where we were 3 years ago and how far we’ve come and where we want to go. i love making plans for our future and being so aligned with him.  
 after the little treasure hunt, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a place by our apartment, the lion & crown. it’s an english pub located on a corner with an amazing wrap-around outdoor patio that we sat on to enjoy the 70 degree weather! 
my handsome husband

 for him: hoegaarden from the tap, for me: melon fizz 

 dek had the french dip sandwich with au jus & i had the brat on a bun with stoneground mustard 
 neighborhood kitty we call “fat cat,” i want him to be my friend so bad but he doesn’t trust me yet. 
it will be a love like this one, i can already tell. 
thanks for reading!
happy valentine’s day & have a wonderful weekend!

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