who wears short shorts?


<top- old h&m, shorts- goodwill, sandals- marshalls, purse- from bali>

back in february i was 20 pounds heavier, weighing in at 155 and the scale was only going up. i hate working out and i love sweets and treats and i was eating whatever i wanted whenever i wanted and getting frustrated. i was unhappy with how my clothes fit, i didnt like what i saw in the mirror, i didnt like feeling out-of-control over my body. so i went on the keto diet and cut carbs. i made the decision to be strict about it because we were going on vacation to bali so may 14 was my “cut off point.” the may 14 date gave me motivation to get my ideal “bali body” since i wanted to wear a bikini and look good in one. it took me the full 3 months to lose 20 pounds, but the day we left for bali i was at 140 and it felt amazing. come full circle and we’ve been back from bali since june and i’m staying consistently around the same weight (now at 135) by mostly cutting carbs. life is all about balance, but i think i have found the right formula to keep myself healthy and happy.

we do have carb-overload nights, mostly date nights when dek is craving a burger or we just want to splurge on pizza, but with my new mindset of “everything in moderation” i dont feel guilty about it and i know how to balance it out. shady’s is a super cute burger joint in our neighborhood with a great patio & the best frozen margaritas. we went there for date night last night and i wore these short shorts that i would normally never leave the house in. they’re booty shorts for sure, but it’s a true testament of how confident i feel and happy i am.




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