32 things on my 32nd birthday


1. Where does your name Miyan come from? 
It’s a Hebrew name (a quite common one for boys & girls, actually!) and it means a “spring of water.” To say my name in English is a little tricky, since it has the letter ‘ein’ in it so it’s easier for me to pronounce it “My-on,” when it’s really like “màa-yan.”

2. Where have you lived? 
I was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to Dallas, Texas when I was a 6-month-old baby.  Our family moved back over to Israel for a while when I was in the 4th & 5th grade and then we moved back to Dallas for us kids to grow up when I was in middle school. After my parents divorced and later after I graduated college and my sister graduated high school, Mirelle & I moved back over to Israel to be closer to my dad and his side of the family, learn Hebrew and travel and explore. So I’ve lived back and forth between these two countries my whole life, which I am appreciative of. There was also a short stint where my family lived in Bonn, Germany for a summer. Random.

3. Where is your favorite place you’ve lived?
I loved living in the Hill Country while I was going to school at Texas State University. Being so close to Austin and the rivers was so much fun! I want to go back and live in Austin now with Dekel and our pups & maybe some day we will when the timing is right!

4. What is your favorite color?
To wear? Black. Gray. To decorate with? Sea-foam green and/or jewel tones, like emerald or sapphire.

5. What’s your favorite food?
Salads. But, like, a good salad, with grilled or fried chicken, cheese, crunchy things, veggies, olives and different kinds of lettuce.

6. How did you and Dekel meet?
I met Dekel when I was living in Israel (right when I moved there after graduating college). He is one of my cousin’s best friends and when my cousin, Jonathan, would invite me to go out with him & his friends Dekel was always there. I never really wanted it to go anywhere serious, seeing as I am from a different country and it’s pretty scary thinking of falling in love with a “foreigner,” but we just hung out more and more together…and then we would hang out just us. We decided to try our relationship and moved in together and talked about the future and felt like we should give living in the states a try, so here we are…married for almost 6 years and I’m loving him more each day.

7. How old were you when you got married? 


8. How many pets do you have? 
My two pups currently have my heart, Peanut and Kaiser. Peanut was a pass-me-around our family, he is a long-haired dachshund and was found on Craigslist by my sister. She took him in and when she was moving apartments my mom took him for a while and then when Dek & I moved here from Israel we fell in love with him & wanted him to live with us and we haven’t looked back. Dachshunds are super cute pets! Kaiser was also adopted pretty recently, we have had him for about a year and a few months now. My sister was sent me an email from a co-worker that her daughter rescued this puppy from being hit by a truck in Houston and they needed to find him a home and they were willing to drive him to Dallas. I instantly fell in love with him & called Dekel and convinced him we needed this dog. We had no idea what kind of dog he was or how he would behave with Peanut or mesh in our home and alter the “family dynamic” but we took a chance on him & adopting him was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! we are so thankful to have him in our lives. He looks so intimidating (so he’s a GREAT guard-dog), but he’s all kisses.

9. What did you study as an undergrad? 
I majored in Mass Communications – Public Relations and minored in Business from Texas State. I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do after college, Mass Comm was just a general-enough degree that I could go out and do something with it. I’ve since found my way in digital marketing, but that wasn’t really a thing “back then” – ha! I sound like an old lady.

10. What’s your dream job? 
Just hustling for my own money, on my own terms, at my own time/pace. I’ve realized more than ever lately that I have to take my life into my own hands and it’s just that easy to change your sources of income, to live the life you dream of. It’s all obtainable by hard work and a clear vision/path.

11. What did you study in your master’s program? 
Dek & I studied International Business together at the University of Haifa, we figured the pain would be less if we went through it together. It really worked out & was good timing for us to both accomplish this. goal.

12. Do you think you will ever go back to school?
Never say never, but NO.

13. Who is your all-time favorite celebrity? 
Hands down Gwen Stefani. She has been my idol since elementary school. I remember sitting outside on the playground trading photos of the Hansen brothers and Spice Girls with friends for photos of Gwen because I liked her authentic and unique style. I would make collages of her on my locker and notebooks. I sound like a freak, but her style and music genuinely inspired me to be myself and feel confident in being different. I still glue gems on my face and feel more confident because “I got it from Gwen.”

14. Where do you like shopping?
I love shopping! But in-person shopping, not online shopping. I seldom buy clothes or shoes without trying them on first. I also prefer to shop by myself (or with my sister), I like to be “in the zone” and focused. My fav places are vintage/second-hand like Buffalo Exchange, Uptown Cheapskate and Goodwill and retail like Forever 21, H&M, Target, Marshalls and Old Navy.

15. How do you keep your clothes organized in your closet? 
Color coordinated and by “type,” sleeveless with sleevelsss, dresses with dresses, sweaters with sweaters, etc…


16. What is the goal of your blog? 
I hope to send positive vibes out into the world with my writing and my photography. I hope to uncover great spots around the city to shop on a budget, I love the thrill of vintage shopping and finding “gems” with a good mix of new pieces from places like h&m, forever 21 and marshalls. I also LOVE taking photos around the city and discovering “instagrammable” walls or backdrops to share, so I’m also always looking for recommendations on the next best place. This rainbow mural wall was a place a friend from work said i should check out. thanks ashley!!!

17. Where do you work?
I currently work at At Home stores home office in Plano, TX. I am the Website & Social Media Manager, which I really enjoy. It’s awesome to work on topics and in an industry you are naturally passionate about and the discount and sample sales are a plus, too! I get to work on so many fun projects, from photo shoots, video shoots, tv commercials, website projects, in-store events, etc. Every day is different and creative.

18. What is your favorite thing to do when you get home from work? 
I usually take the boys to the dog park! My favorite thing to do is chill on my back patio with Dekel and a cold beer (usually frozen corona with a salted rim and lime) and when the dogs are tired and calm, I am relaxed.

19. You’ve said you’re an introvert but you seem so outgoing  – How do you explain that?
I find energy in the people around me. A lot of my friends are outgoing and can help lead conversations, since I consider myself more quiet, but also when you are comfortable enough with someone I do appreciate when there can be that silence. I enjoy being out & around people, but I also value intimate settings and conversations too. I can sometimes tend to feel awkward and some anxiety when there are many people in an  area or I feel like I need to make “small talk,” but I also feel like a lot of the time it’s all in my head, so it’s something I’m working on. Not gunna lie though, I’m definitely a homebody and love being in my short shorts and bralette at home versus getting all dolled up in a made-up face and high heels to drink a $10 cocktail.

20. How many siblings do you have? 
I have a brother & sister from the same parents and since my parents divorced, my dad re-married and his wife has 3 kids and they have 2 kids together, so I have 3 step-siblings and 2 half-siblings. We are 8 total. #BradyBunchStyle

21. You seem super close to your sister, have you always been best friends or did that evolve over time? 
My sister & I were not close when we were younger. I guess the 5 year difference age gap between us seemed so much wider back then than it does now. We used to lock our doors so the other one couldn’t get in and borrow each other’s clothes….now, we share closets and are truly best friends. We’re very much like the same person just with slightly different body shapes and hair/eye coloring and slightly different styles. We think the same, talk the same, act the same, etc – you would think we were a year apart…we do often get asked “Are you best friends?”

22. What are you afraid of? 
Spiders make me trip the F*** out. But on a more serious note, I am very fearful of something bad happening to a loved one.

23. If you had a day with no work or responsibilities, what would you do?
I’d start my day off with brunch and order a zillion drinks, i love iced coffee, mimosas and grapefruit juice 🙂 Next, I would get a pretty gel manicure and fresh pedi, then I would take the dogs to the dog park and meet a friend or the hubs for lunch on a patio. An afternoon nap would be on the agenda and then I could wrap up the day by cooking for my man and then going for a walk and indulging in frozen yogurt.


24. What’s your typical weekend like? 
Friday is usually spent with hubby, going out for a drink (we’re like regulars at fuzzys & shadys) and catching up on shows/movies, Saturday we wake up and wear the dogs out playing frisbee, going for a hike and then we usually do house chores/clean/get groceries, etc. Then have friends/family over and chill. Sundays are usually reserved for lunch with grandmother, we try new restaurants around east dallas or bring take out and eat on her patio and then, of course, The Cowboys.

25. What’s your hair routine like? 
I really only wash it twice a week with some non-fancy I-should-probably-upgrade shampoo/conditioner and then I blow dry it or sleep on it wet and lightly dry it in the AM and I use my straightener to curl it and do natural-looking beachy waves. Then, throughout the week I use garnier fructis texture spray to keep it looking & smelling full and fresh.

26. Which perfume do you wear? 
I’ve been wearing DKNY Be Delicious for a few years now and still LOVE it. It’s light and fruity & I get compliments on this scent from complete strangers more than anything I have ever worn!

27. What is one thing you do every single day?
I ALWAYS make the bed. I can’t remember the last time I left it unmade for the day. I also always wear bronzer.

28. What do you do now at 32 that you said you’d never do? 
I don’t know that I do anything I said that I wouldn’t….BUT I do keep telling myself that I need to take better care of my skin. And drink more water. Starting tomorrow.

29. What kind of car do you drive? 
I drive a Kia Rio & have had a Kia for years, they are GREAT cars!

30. What makes you different from every other lifestyle/fashion blogger out there? 
I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger per sé – I’m just enjoying documenting my outings, my outfits & the “deals” I find in fashion or home decor around the city of Dallas and beyond. Travel is a part of me, so I hope to be sharing more travel guides and travel-related & helpful content.

31. What’s something random about you?
I can speak Hebrew fluently.

32. What’s your ideal vacation?
My thought of “ideal vacation” a few years ago would have been to go somewhere to unplug and lounge on a beach chair sipping a margarita…and while there is nothing wrong with that, I am now craving more from my travel experiences and my “vacations.” I crave more cultural immersion and aim to try more local foods and eat at the restaurants that are tucked away down the alley, exploring off the beaten path. So my ideal vacation is anywhere with Dekel where we can explore and not sit still.


if you have other questions, let me know in the comments!!

wrap skirt- le tote, top- papaya, wedges- buffalo exchange, purse- marshalls


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