modern market menu tasting

this past week dek & i had the privilege to attend a menu tasting at one of our favorite restaurants, modern market. they’re food is always so fresh, you can really taste the quality. they “cook using simple, whole ingredients purchased from farmers, ranchers and suppliers who use sustainable practices” and that is a motto i can rally behind. i honestly order online and pick up lunch from there probably 2x/month when i have busy days at work and haven’t meal prepped (there’s a location right by where i work in a brand new shopping center in richardson called cityline), but i always order the same thing…the pulled pork banh mi sandwich with a side of mac & cheese (which is the bomb, by the way!) so this was a great opportunity for me to try some of their new & exciting menu items that i would probably never order, but definitely will now…like the curry salmon & maple glazed brussels sprouts.

below is a video dek helped me create, it’s one of the first ones we’ve made – let us know what you think!!

curry salmon bowl:

(i looovveee curry, this was the perfect combo of light and sweet)

heirloom rice, braised kale, coconut sweet potato curry, salmon, toasted coconut and green onion

curry salmon with almonds and spinach

truffled potato pizza:

(a table favorite!)

creme fraiche, fingerling potatoes, wilted leek, 3-cheese blend, black truffle oil, grana padano and green onion

truffled potato pizza with leeks modern market dallas

SuperduperFOOD salad:

(verrryyyy healthy & the granola was an interesting addition)

baby greens, quinoa pilaf, purely elizabeth blueberry hemp granola, fruit, raisins, carrot, almond and raspberry chia dressing

modern market superduper food salad dallas texas

bbq pork sandwich:

(sweet & savory all at the same time with a crunch of apples and punch of bbq sauce)

berkshire pulled pork, spicy bbq sauce, brussels, jicama slaw and green apple on brioche bun

bbq pork sandwich with green apple on brioche modern market dallas

umami brussels sprouts:

(surprisingly good…i don’t like brussels sprouts and i ate the S%*$ out of these)

brussels sprouts, umami maple, togarashi, toasted walnuts and green onion

umami brussels sprouts modern market fall winter menu

modern market dallas fall winter menu tasting blogger event

wine in water cups, love it!

did you know it’s only $3 a glass cup???

white wine modern market dallas


mood lighting and atmosphere in modern market restaurants

have YOU been to #modernmarket?

which one of these would you want to try?


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