family holiday experience- part one

this year, instead of buying christmas gifts for each other, my family & i decided to do “experiences” together. it could range from a picnic in the park, a groupon activity, volunteering together, going to a brewery for an afternoon, etc. and we didn’t tell each other what we planned. it was up to each of us to plan and schedule something for the month of december and my experience was the first one we did. it was a “paint your pet” session by pipe & palatte! i sneakishly printed photos of all our pets and brought them in with us when taking my family to downtown plano. there were two artists that guided us through scaling the image to the canvas and how to create depth & shadows to bring each photo to life. it was so fun to do this together since we’re all crazy about our pups 🙂 we shared a pitcher of dallas blonde beer and had a blast while giving back, loved that some of the proceeds went to second chance spca of plano. we all did preeetttty good if i don’t say so myself, but we most definitely got help from raul when it came to the life-like details like the eyes.

dek & i hung our paintings up on the wall by where the boys eat in “their area” of the living room.

scroll down to see!

paint your pet downtown plano
paint your pet with pipe and palette downtown plano
paint your pet with pipe and palette downtown plano
kaizer dog in paint your pet
peanut dog in paint your pet
ollie dog in paint your pet
tucker dog in paint your pet

paint your pet pipe and palette downtown plano

pipe and palatte paint your pet artwork

stay tuned as i will be posting the next “experience” we do in a few days!

it’s mirelle’s turn to host & i know what it is…gunna be a good one!


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