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bay in haifa, israel

haifa bay & port area in israel – – photo taken while driving up one of the many mountains on the way to the university, more photos in this blog post from 2012.

when i first started my blog i treated it as an online diary that kept my dallas family & friends connected to what my sister, mirelle, & i were doing while living so far away in israel, since instagram & snapchat didn’t exist back then. i moved to israel right after graduating college in 2008 and thought i was just going to spend 6 months there learning hebrew, blogging, traveling and then i would come home and “find a good job.” well…i ended up falling in love with the country (& and a man!), living there for 5 years, blogging the whole time, and in 2013 my now-hubby dekel & i moved back to texas where i’m from. i have continued blogging since moving back to the states (okkkk, maybe skipping a few months aka a year) but have shifted personal goals and the aspirations that i have for myself & my site. if you have been following for a long time, you know that i used to call my blog “fly far.” that name felt fitting when i was living in israel since it was mainly content about our daily adventures & any traveling i did when israel was “homebase” …which was quite a bit!

after moving back to the states, i felt like i wanted a brand name that could act as a larger umbrella for “bohemian” content that comes from me, whether it be my personal style, travel adventures, DIY crafts, etc. i’ve chosen to call my site “bohemian by nature” which will encompass everything that is me: city girl with a free spirit. i created a fresh, modern logo and wanted to take my site to the next level in terms of design. i was lucky enough to be contacted by blogerize to work with them in redesigning my site in exchange for a review of their services & output and i am THRILLED with how everything turned out! i worked with lauren specifically and we literally went back and forth emailing over 50 times to get it right, test it, tweak it, etc. she was so patient and helpful through the whole process. i can’t recommend them enough if you are looking to give your site a facelift or if you need any information or support in blogging/site management.

since moving back from israel, i switched blogging platforms from blogspot to wordpress & while i love the wordpress and all it offers, i still felt restricted with the free design templates because i couldn’t tweak the layout and functions the way i wanted. i like to think i know a thing or two about usability, optimizations, content organization, etc. i just needed help starting it all. i had also been meaning to take the plunge and “self-host” my website for a while so that down the road (when it’s needed) i will be able to gain even more control over the design, features, storage, etc. and when blogerize reached out to me to re-design my site it was the best excuse to pull the trigger. i am now self-hosted, utilize wordpress as my dashboard aaannnnd was able to achieve a more specific and tailored-to-me look & feel of my site and brand by collaborating with blogerize to design and implement it all. i’m so excited and thankful for this robust & exciting site design, i hope my site is more fun for you to poke through & that you can easily find all of my articles in one place now. i am still working on all of the content organization, but any feedback you have is welcome 🙂

&& if there is anything you would like me to write about or focus on more in 2018, let me know in the comments!!

marble notepad and computer with rose gold pen


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