eyebrow makeover with micro pigmentation

so a few weeks ago i did something i was terrified to do! i got my eyebrows hyper-pigmented in a semi-permanent process.

this has been something i’ve considered doing for at least 2 years now, but just never pulled the trigger and would now recommend it to anyone who is self-conscious about their brows, if you have bald spots or just want to enhance the color. i have thin, blonde brows which are barely-there without me filling them in and i’ve come to appreciate how eyebrows can frame my face & was always self-conscious without them being “done” everyday or when i would go swimming and they would wash off. unfortunately, i was dumb when i was younger and overplucked but also my brows are just sparse and super light so i would use a light brown eyebrow pencil and even brow gel to fluff them up, every. damn. day. it got old and i started to become more serious about looking for and considering alternative options for semi-permanent makeup here around dallas. the thought of “tattooing” my eyebrows on freaked me the hell out and i was so nervous that they would come out looking like this. just google “bad tattooed eyebrows” – it’s scary and kinda funny at the same time.

i did a lot of research to try to find the best, most trust-worthy places around dallas to get this procedure done and stumbled upon best brows on social media. after looking through their services and the work that they do, i decided to go to a free in-person consultation to meet who would be doing the procedure and see if i felt comfortable, if i liked her brows, if the space felt clean, etc. & all my questions got answered and i felt i found the right place for me. they pride themselves on “microblading correction.” they do something different than the rest of the microblading industry, they use a tool, similar to a tattoo pen but with a very, very thin needle & that’s how they introduce pigment into the skin with realistic hair-like strokes. there would be no touch-ups required and my brows would last a few years until the pigment slowly fades, so it’s a semi-permanent process which i was ready to commit to. you can read more about their process here & check out some of their work here, just click on “our work.” the procedure was not cheap, but i wasn’t looking for the cheapest place in town i was looking for the right one for me. they were running a special and i paid $495. they seem to run specials often & if you check them out on social media you can see they have one going on right now for even cheaper than i paid at $395. i’m telling you, if you are leaning towards doing something like this i seriously cannot recommend them enough!

they’re located in the salon boutique at preston center off northwest highway & the dallas north tollway, right next to that downstairs marshall’s if you’ve ever been there. it’s a private room and it was just me and the sweet lady doing my brows with some relaxing music on. the whole procedure took about 2 hours from when i arrived, it started with numbing cream & then after 15 minutes she wiped that off and drew lines around the brows for where they would start and end & where the arch would be using a measuring tool and remind me along the way that they are “sisters, not twins,” which i thought was cute. once your face is marked up, you lay down and try to relax as she mixes your personalized color (which we had agreed on during my consultation) and the tattoo pen starts buzzing. you’re asked to stay as still as possible while she starts drawing hair strokes on your eyebrows. at first i was like “this is it?” and toward the middle of the first brow it really started to hurt in certain areas, but i just kept telling myself that “beauty is pain” and would push my head into the headrest to stay as still as possible and try not to squinch my eyes. she had me sit up throughout the process to examine the progress, readjust her lines if necessary & let me peek in the mirror. i was just so excited to be getting this done and being one step closer to pretty brows that i didn’t need to fill in anymore! at the end of the procedure, the brow area was a little red but immediately you could see the results and i loved them! i knew the next few days after were critical to not get them wet, keep them out of the sun, etc. but i was ecstatic with the results and as time goes by (it’s been about 3 weeks) and they have completely healed and i’ve gotten used to them, i love them even more. scroll down for some before & after photos!

eyebrow prep with numbing cream

before and after of hyper pigmentation eyebrows with best brows microblading correction dallas

before and after of hyper pigmentation eyebrows with best brows microblading correction dallas

these are my brows 3-weeks later with NO makeup on them. i am no longer filling them in or fluffing them up with brow gel in the mornings – this is them in their new “natural” state & i LOVE the result!

my eyebrows without any makeup on them


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