weekend reminiscing

ootd by deep ellum mural dallas texas

this weekend flew by (don’t they always?!) but there were some really fun & relaxing moments that i’d love to share!

friday i worked from home & was able to accomplish a lot. a lot of work and a lot of personal crap. i made some returns, cleaned my car & had breakfast with my mom. mom & i started doing weekly dates about a month ago & taking turns picking out the place and paying each time. it’s so nice to spend time just the two of us. previously we’ve gone to lunch at super chix, breakfast at the flying biscuit, breakfast at communion, breakfast at chiloso & this past friday we enjoyed breakfast at cindi’s, which i highly recommend! i had the waffle platter and got a salt bagel to-go for lunch that afternoon and it was so good (salt bagels are my all-time fav) that i took dekel there again for breakfast on saturday to get another one & got 2 more for the week ahead!

ootd by deep ellum mural dallas texas

on saturday dek & i went to a park near our house where he ran & i walked the dogs and then we wore them out by playing frisbee & throwing the ball. it was a dreary/gloomy morning so eating a hearty breakfast at cindi’s left us full and ready to chill on the couch/nap, which is exactly what we did for the rest of the afternoon. i watched kuwtk while dek napped then worked on the computer, then we watched this movie called ‘den of thieves‘ which was pretty good.

made in texas shirt by deep ellum mural dallas texas

sunday was ‘lunch with family’ day and we met my mom, sister & grandmother in deep ellum to eat at pecan lodge. unfortunately, it was 12:30 and the line was redic! there was no way i was waiting in that line, let alone my almost-93-year-old grandmother! so we agreed to be more strategic next time and arrive right when they open at 11 and opted to go across the street to easy slider for some burgers. dek & i have been there before & liked the little burger options they have & food was just as good this time around, but service could improve. after lunch we walked next door to rocket fizz for a something sweet, or in my case sour! i literally spent $10 on sour candies, eating the whole thing of sweet tarts chewy sours before we got home. whoops. i also scooped up now & later extreme sour and mike & ike sourlicious fruit punch (which are sooo good!) all this goodness won’t last but a few days, ha!

deep ellum mural dallas texas

shirt- the boho market, skirt- $9 from forever 21 clearance section (similar style here), purse- merci handmade vintage, shoes- marshall’s 

what were you up to this weekend?

wishing you a great week ahead!


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