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i’ve shared photos of our kitchen that was recently remodeled here & today i thought it would be fun to share how the nursery we created for atlas turned out! i started a pinterest board when i was preggers & i feel the room definetly came to fruition with the bohemian spirit i envisioned. it’s been 4 months that we’ve been actually using it so we have made some changes & this is how it looks today. i love the modern bohemian vibes it boasts & it feels neutral enough to be for a boy or girl with a few tweaks. it’s young-spirited without screaming “BABY,” that was my goal throughout this whole process. let me know what you think!

this is a photo from the website when we bought the house 3 years ago. even before i got pregnant i liked this room as a nursery because it faces our backyard (which back then didn’t even have a fence) & gets the best natural bright sunlight. it also had this built-in shelf thing where a tv was mounted, but we wanted more master bedroom closet space on the other side of that wall so right when we moved in we had the contractors close up that wall.

this is the room with the wall closed up & painted our favorite gray from sherwin williams called gray screen. we also got stainless steel outlet covers for all outlets in the house & it makes ugly outlets look a little bit better.

below is how it looks now! i painted the canvas wall art before atlas was born when we were 99% sure about his name. ‘atlas‘ is a coldplay song & one of my favorite lyrics from it is “i’ll carry your world” because i will always carry his when he needs me to. while that’s not why we named him atlas, once we were pretty certain i knew i wanted to paint a piece with that quote to go in his room and it ended up in such a great spot.

elephants are symbolic to me & my friends because when an elephant gives birth, her fellow elephant girlfriends gather around her, forming a circle, protecting her and that’s how close we all are & how protective of each other we are – it’s like the symbol for our friendship. so i saw this little baby elephant lamp i knew i wanted it on his changing table so we could use that in the evenings when we change him.

this is the view of the room right when you walk in…when it still had a ceiling fan. when we first moved in we got modern-looking tri-blade stainless steel ones (similar here) for every room which served us well, but when we turned this room into a nursery i wanted a light fixture instead.

before atlas was born i hung a mixed metal elephant wind chime that i got from marshalls (you can see it’now hanging behind the black chair in the corner) over his crib & when he was younger he loooovved laying there looking up at it, but when one of the little chime parts fell off (not on him thank goodness!) i realized this could be a real hazard & we needed to hang something less pointy and lighter so i set out to find a feather/dreamcatcher mobile but i really couldn’t for under ~$50, it was kind of crazy! so i made my own…sort of. i ordered this dreamcatcher from amazon which was $11 & just cut and retied the feather strings so we could hang the dreamcatcher horizontally instead of vertical. it looks a little make-shifty if you look close, but it’s a looottt safer and he still enjoys to lay there & watch it spin.

we got floating shelves from wayfair & i took my time decorating them, i seriously juuuussst got them to how i like them. it’s a collection of all meaningful items & it makes me smile, especially seeing my maternity photo remembering thinking “i can’t wait to meet you.” & how fun is this basket ladder?? we want atlas to speak & understand hebrew fluently so dekel speaks & sings to him in hebrew & we will read to him in hebrew too. some of the books below are from atlas’s grandparents in israel, who are coming to meet him and visit dallas soon!

one of my favorite maternity photos from our session here & a crystal ball rotating globe i scored for $10 at the mckinney trade days when we went, here.


thanks for reading!


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