girls trip to vegas

i recently took my first trip without baby atlas & wanted to share how it went and what i did in vegas for 2 days. the last time i was there was in sept. of 2017 so it was fun to go back…this time on a girls trip!

i was preggers when we booked this trip & kept telling myself then that i would be fine to leave him when the time came. it really was great and i would totally recommend ANY new mom (or parents) to take a 1-2 night getaway when baby is like 5-6 months old because you don’t realize how much energy and attention you give your baby until you are away from them and can take a mental break – it was so good for my soul!

this was a girls trip – i went with my mom, sister, best friends molly & katelin and their mom to see gwen stefani at planet hollywood. she is my ALL TIME fav artist so i was stoked when we booked this trip months ago & when the time came to leave baby atlas i was feeling reaallllyyyy ready for a baby break. he was 5 months old & i left him in the loving care of his amazing dad for the 2 nights/3 days that we were away & dekel said he had a great time spending quality time with atlas, just the two of them.

we left friday morning around 9 and our flight was at about 11 so i fed baby A before leaving for the airport and brought my manual breast pump & my haakaa with me in my purse on the plane. an hour and a half into the flight i reached in my shirt & it felt like stones were in my boobs they were so lumpy & hard and needed release so i took my purse with me to the restroom on the plane, stood there & quickly pumped a few ounces just to not have them be rock hard. we landed around 1ish, checked in to planet hollywood & i pumped some more. pumping was the theme of my trip because i had to do it so often…my boobs needed it and i wanted to keep my supply up so i pumped every 2-3 hours! i would manually pump on one side and have the haakaa suctioned to the other boob to catch any drip and then switch until they felt lighter. each pumping session would yield like 4-5 ounces so it felt efficient. this method worked for me while traveling just fine, it’s what i do at home so i was used to it & comfortable doing it.

after checking in and unpacking a bit, we went downstairs and ate at cafe hollywood & then ubered to planet 13 dispensary (recreational weed is legal in vegas!) to get a few pre-rolled joints & sour watermelon gummies for the weekend. we had a dinner reservation at therapy that evening, so after we got ready, we wentdown to the lobby and danced for a bit because there was live music and we were feelin’ the vibe & then headed to the downtown las vegas area near fremont street. the service was slow but the food was bomb, mel & i shared a french dip and mashed potatoes. yum!

the goods

i kept seeing “atlas” everywhere! we got picked up from the airport in a VW Atlas, it was in the dispensary (pic below) & there was even a slot machine named “Atlas” – it was funny!

the girl gang


delicious dinner

after dinner & drinks we wandered around fremont street & popped into the golden nugget casino so some peeps could play slots & i could pump in the bathroom. after wandering around a bit more we made our way to the paris casino & sweetened the night with some hot coffee & a little treat – i got chocolate & pistachio covered strawberries! we were all tired from a long travel day so we made our way back to the room & MAN did it feel good to sleep all night uninterrupted 🙂 atlas is a pretty good sleeper, but he still sleeps in our room so i feel like i always sleep with one eye open. it was REALLY nice to be in a crisp hotel bed & get deep, deep sleep!!!

the next morning we woke up & were on a mission to find coffee & food so we went nt next door to the paris and sat on the patio at mon ami gabi, a french bistro, and had the best experience. it was a warm morning with the sun shining and bottomless brewed coffee. i had a breakfast sandwich & we got a cinnamon crepe with cream cheese icing to share, which was TDF!

breakfast spread

with breakfast in our bellies & caffeine in our system, we were ready to walk & shop around! we had a photoshoot by the arc de triomphe, went to ross, eataly (it was my first time & it was SO cool!) & taco bell for an alcoholic frozen drink.

cream puffs & a nutella thing from eataly that was so rich and good…omg, i want one RN!

sister pic!

gwen was everywhere, so obviously we had to take a pic with her

after walking around all day, we wanted to take a little break (& i desperately needed to pump-ha!) so we went to our room to put our feet up & change for an early dinner at black tap before the gwen stefani show.

#ootn for dinner

i had the steak au poivre burger with a shit ton of blue cheese (my fav!) & we ordered a cookies ‘n cream crazy shake for the table to share & it was insane. the shake itself was great but it came with a giant oreo cookie ice cream sandwich, which was soooo goood! needless to say, we killed it & hardly left and oreo crumbles.

post-dinner selfie in the venetian

#werewiththeband – we all got these no doubt shirts from target for the show and styled them differently. here is the dress i am wearing under mine.

some of the gang!

it was fucking fabulous! i sang my lungs out and was blown away by the set, graphics & just her overall performance and story-telling – LOVED IT ALL!

after the show, around 11:30, we went looking for some grub and found pin up pizza. we each ordered their deal of a giant slice, a garlic knot and a beer for $11.50 and i can’t speak for the rest of the group but i devoured mine so quick! it was off to bed after that because A. we were losing an hour due to the time change/spring forward and B. we had to get up at 5 to get ready & leave for the airport because our flight was at 8 am.

i love this picture because it’s so “after the vegas madness” – we were all without any makeup and had upset stomachs (i even threw up waiting for our uber to the airport…i think it was the lack of sleep/too much drinking and smoking) and here we are in all of our glory having coffee and orange juice at sammy’s at the airport. these are my people and i love them!

hope you enjoyed reading & re-living my trip with me!

here’s to next time, VEGAS!


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