a little sunday day date

my mom was kind enough to hang out with baby atlas this morning so dek & i could go out on a day date. we find it easiest to go out when A has gone down for his morning nap so my mom can be with him when he wakes up and is in a good mood, feed him a bottle and then hang out & play with him until we get home. maybe it’s just a bit of control freak in me speaking but i prefer either me or dek to put him down for naps. i fully trust my family to do that stuff too, but i feel like we know what he likes best and he will get the best nap when one of us puts him down. i know i need to let go a little but it’s just my maternal weird logic speaking. so we try to return from our dates after about 2 hours because at that point he’s getting ready for nap #2 of the day.

i’ve mentioned pie tap on the blog before here where i featured them in a post on “best boozy brunch around dallas,” which is exactly what we went for! as much as i love their food, i was reaaallllyyy craving their $3 froze. it’s just so good! funny side story is that we sat by a glass window inside the restaurant and turns out it was a window to inside their fridge/freezer. we didn’t think too much about it or anything but then towards the end of our meal i look over and dek is taking a picture of inside the window and he shows me and it’s a keg with “Atlas” written on it (see pic below)! it was like baby A was there with us in spirit!

we ordered the goat cheese & egg white omelet with roasted potatoes and the prosciutto pizza with a side of goat cheese fondue dipping sauce

i got my fix!

the “Atlas” keg!


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