industrial pizza & cityline merry market

for the holidays, instead of gift-giving my family & i take turns planning “experiences” for us to do together. here is the first event we did & you can see the other experiences here. the idea is to do something different & fun for everyone and it not cost too much because we all agreed we just don’t need to spend that much money on each other, even though it is the holiday season and you feel that pressure. dekel always says ” i want it, i got it” like ariana grande (but in a way more practical and middle-class manner) because we’re adults and if we want something, we will buy it for ourselves, we don’t feel the need to ask for presents from our family & also to receive gifts when we strive to live a more minimalist and “stuff-less” life. so, not to push this idea on anyone but consider gifting your loved ones with quality time- it’s the best gift of all!!!

here is our 1st holiday experience of the year if you’d like to see!

i took them to lunch at industrial pizza + brew which is right down the street from us! it’s a cute family-owned & run business with realllllyyy good food and amazing beer selection. we split a caesar salad and two large pizzas (“the wheel” & “prohibition”) and it was the perfect amount of food for all of us! (check out their menu here) not a crumb left…well, maybe a few on the floor because of baby. but atlas seriously loved it & probably ate a whole slice of pizza! we cut it up for him obviously, but he really enjoyed himself!

next, we went to cityline for the merry market & festival where there were vendors set up, hot chocolate & cookie samples, free donut holes from top pot, kids craft tables, live music, etc. it was so fun to walk around & get fresh air after such a big meal!

my little walking boy! he can walk SO good all by himself now, he doesn’t need to hold anyone’s hand but it sure does melt my heart when he does

we found scrooge! atlas was interested & intrigued at first…

…but did NOT want a photo with him! haha!

found some sample cups to chew on #teething

the holiday experience crew!

thanks for reading & stay tuned for more holiday experiences coming this month!


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