baby aero 3 month update

baby aero is just a week away from turning 4 months old, so this “3 month update” is a little late, but better late than never, right?! he is doing so great at life, i am loving being his mom! here is our birth story if you want to read it. also- here is atlas’s 3-month-update, which is fun to look back on.

while aero is still sleepy perfection, where he’s able to nap on me and cuddle close, he’s just not the sleep-all-day kinda newborn anymore. he wakes up in his mini crib next to our bed happy to see us and is usually sucking his thumb to self-soothe until i scoop him up to feed him. he is such a sweet, special baby! i literally get chills & choked up inside when i hold and touch him because of how special he is to me!

after waking up we either get bundled to go on a walk, run errands, do tummy time with this mirror or jump in the jolly jumper!

after our walk/morning playtime i either put him down for a nap in our room (in my mini crib) or in the pack’n play in the living room…or if he’s extra cute & snuggly i cuddle him for a bit!

after a lil late morning snooze, he usually breastfeeds and then we hang out until he’s tired again for an afternoon nap. i realize i’m way less strict about a schedule or routine with my second baby than i was with my first! aero is such a go-with-the-flow, easy tempered baby that i don’t feel we necessarily “need” one just yet.

aero is so fun to giggle with! we got him to belly laugh & now i know the spot under his neck to get him to do it- haha!

hard to see by the photo but someone’s getting two teeth & is suffering sooo bad.

to break up aero’s discomfort and help ease his pain, we have been using this gel and baby tylenol, giving him warm baths, extra fun tummy time and cuddles. he really loves watching atlas, so when he’s playing he’s content just watching him play – it’s so cute how they interact!

overall he’s such a social, smiley baby and loves being held & loved- the perfect addition to our family!


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