3 Days in Denver – Girl’s Trip

over the long MLK weekend my mom, sister & i flew to denver, colorado to spend 3 days exploring social-distance style! we love taking girls trips (we’ve been to so many places together, like new york here & here, LA and vegas to name a few) and after a long 2020 of no travel we needed this little getaway & it proved to be no different than any other girls trip…SO. MUCH. FUN!

we booked this place for our stay & it was perfect for us. it had 2 bedrooms (mirelle & i cuddled in one bed), 1 bathroom and a small, but open living/kitchen area so we could all chill together on the comfy couches in the evenings. we loved the industrial vibe of the place! it felt like this apartment was built over a car garage since it’s behind a main house and up some stairs, but we were in a great location and LOVED this apartment!

heading out to denver union station, sister style!

we pretty much had the place to ourselves! it was not crowded AT ALL & we only had to wait like 5 minutes for a table at the terminal bar.

walking to breakfast at coffee at the point!

after breakfast, we headed for a daytrip to boulder to see that mountain town. we had lunch at pizza colore & then a sweet treat from gelato boy. boulder was so cute!

stopping for scenic pics on the way home, this river was completely frozen over & so beautiful!

we washed up at home & then headed out to find food. funny enough we traveled to denver to find texas bbq and we loved every bite of it. post oak barbecue drew us in because of their $5 froze and then their food did NOT disappoint!

bright & early to grab some coffee from crema house before heading into the mountains to tube down a snow hill & then go snowmobiling!


driving into the mountains like…

we drove through so many cute, but schitt’s creek-like towns & i mean that in the BEST way possible. i wanted to stop at the town diners in each one & hopefully run into moira rose and crew.

we made it to the mountains!!! we started off by tubing at the coca-cola tubing hill at winterpark. mirelle & i definitely didn’t have the right shoes/pants on but we knew we would only be out there playing for about an hour. our ticket gave us an hour to go down the hill as many times & there’s a conveyor belt that brings you back up from the bottom so you’re not trekking through snow each time. our toes froze but it was a lot of fun!

after tubing a few times & grabbing a quick lunch of warm tortilla soup and oddly enough, frozen margaritas, at lime. at this point we were kinda rushed on time to make it to our snowmobiling adventure but i had to pump (#breastfeedingmomprobs) so i did it in the bathroom and then we headed back to the car and were on our way!

we rented these snowsuits & snow boots to be sure to be warm the whole time since we had a 2-hour snowmobile ride ahead of us. we were wearing so many layers! we had on leggings, socks, compression long-sleeve shirt, sweater, neck warmer, gloves, goggles, etc. the list of things we needed to stay warm was insane! our secret was to keep hand warmers in your pockets and when you would stop or had to take your hand out of your glove you could hold that for a minnute and bring them back to life because they would freeze and get uncomfortable so quick!

such an exhilarating experience! we booked an “unguided tour’ through grand adventures & it was awesome! i was honestly a little worried that we didn’t get a “guided” tour but we went out early enough there was sunlight & the path was marked clearly enough so we knew where to go that it was fine…and so much fun to be out there just us three.

after snowmobiling for 2 hours up & down and all around this mountain we were so dizzy, lightheaded & hungry! we stopped at a nearby mcdonald’s & grabbed some burgers and fries for the road since we wanted to make it back down the mountain while there was still a little daylight. it was snowy and icy & we just needed to take it slow but wanted to just get back to denver already.

the next morning was our last day in denver and we had breakfast at denver biscuit co. & it was drool-worthy!

get the cinnamon roll biscuit!

we packed up and headed home! i loved our time spent together & in a new-to-me city!

thanks for reading! let me know if you have any questions about our trip, i’d be happy to answer.


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