happy one year, aero!

it’s crazy to be wishing my baby squishy aero boy a happy ONE YEAR! seriously cannot believe my little covid baby has been earthside & in our arms for a whole year. time has flown right in front of my eyes & at the same time some days have crept by. enjoying so much this time i get to watch my babies grow up in front of my eyes. so, so happy to be celebrating aero today & everyday because he brings so much joy, happiness and laughter to our family.

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shop the image:

standing up in his crib & all over the place. hasn’t taken any steps yet, but we’re soooo close!

his soft curly hair is so cute

we loved this dresser so much that we have in atlas’s room, we got another one for aero. aero’s room doesn’t have a closet (we closed it off when we moved in to make our closet larger, see here) so we need all the storage we can get. i really love that this dresser has shallower drawers at the top for small stuff & deeper drawers at the bottom for shoes and toys.

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cheers to many more baby aero!

thanks for reading!

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