majestic elegance costa mujeres review & recap

last month we went on a 5-night adventure to costa mujeres, mexico, an area 45-minutes north of cancun. we specifically booked the trip to coincide with dekel & my 10-year wedding anniversary on valentine’s day & it was so fun celebrating our love, surrounded by family. we flew directly to cancun from dallas with my mom & my brother and his girlfriend flew from new york to meet us so we could spend a few beautiful days altogether.

last year we went to the same area of mexico and stayed at this resort, which we loved and would have gone back to in a heartbeat, but we wanted to try somewhere new and still be at an all-inclusive resort to make it easiest with the littles, so we booked at majestic elegance. there were pros/cons to staying here, but overall it was a BLAST and we made some amazing memories!

below i’m sharing a photo overload of our time there, but feel free to reach out in the comments if you have any questions about our stay.

the resort was beautiful, even at night!

beach-style access pool

our swim-up suite

we booked a swim-up suite to have easy access to a pool & stuff while the kids nap, which we honestly didn’t take advantage of like we thought we would. we still used it, just not as much as i would have thought! the room was one big open space and the loveseat folded out to a “big boy bed” where atlas (our 3.5-year-old) proudly slept and they brought a crib to the room for aero (our 1.5-year-old). we brought a sound machine from home and had the volume up pretty loud at night & headphones for atlas for when he wanted to watch a show before bedtime as to not disturb the baby, but it was kind of like we were tip-toeing around, so next time we might have to consider a two-bedroom situation.

beach bound with a miami vice in hand!

the path to the beach!

i love palm trees so much. fun fact: dekel (my husband’s name) means palm tree in hebrew

we brought trucks and some sand toys from home and the boys enjoyed filling up the dump truck & excavating in the sand

my sleepy, sandy baby

windy beach day

always waved to the seaweed tractor driver

the main pool, there was a swim-up bar right around the corner

pool in front of our swim-up suite

atlas learned how to jump in the pool & hold his breath on this trip and it made me so proud!

this tiny, round pool was the kid’s pool and was kind of lame TBH, compared to the kid’s pool area at the last resort we stayed at. but regardless, the boys loved chasing each other around in it, we just had to sit nearby in case aero fell because it was deep enough to be scary for kids that don’t know how to swim yet

sharing fruit smoothies – i loved how much the boys bonded on this trip!


it was kind of windy & on the verge of chilly the first 2 days we were there, which is why i’m wearing a sweater

dance parties with balloon swords

all cleaned up & ready for lobster dinner!

what a dinner table with kids looks like, ha!

drenched in butter & soooo good!

after dinner, we would go to the open-air plaza to listen to live music, grab a dessert (brownie & fresh fruit) from a little concession stand & let the boys get all their wiggles out before bedtime

mom & brother!

the spa was stunning! my mom watched the boys while we did the hydrotherapy session, it’s where you dip into cold baths then hot and there are different water pressure treatments, a sauna, etc. it was fun to get away for a few hours just the two of us!

ready for dinner! we loved going to the main buffet-style area so we could all pick and choose what we liked

i could have eaten that whole charcuterie board

we went to the main lobby bar for breakfast coffee because they would make lattes and cold, blended coffee drinks. yum!

10 years & forever to go!

check-out time

thanks for reading!


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