i am fully on board with this whole velvet trend. what about you?

i’ve been scooping up tops, dresses, tights and everything else i can find in this material. while out #blackfriday shopping at jcp last week i walked right by these tracksuit jogger pants and while they’re not something i would normally reach for, at ~50% off they were hard not to try on. and then, when they felt as-soft-as-they-look it was hard not to buy them.

Velvet track suit pants

velour tracksuit jogger pants- jc penny, top- marshalls, sneakers- target

Velvet track suit pants

Velvet track suit pants

Velvet track suit pants

what do you think? yay or nay?


last month i won an instagram giveaway from steel city pops through @dfweatsss and i saw this post about thier “pop of the month” which made me basically drool on my phone (!!) so after our weekly sunday lunch with grandmother yesterday i convinced the crew to head over to greenville avenue for a sweet treat, “on me.”

they offer a simple concept of choosing between a ‘fruity’ or ‘creamy’ pop and then you can either enjoy it naked or dip & drizzle it…oh, and don’t forget the toppings. we all went the ‘creamy’ route this time – my mom got chocolate, i got mint chocolate, my grandmother got butter pecan and mirelle got the pop-of-the-month, which i basically ate half of too but they have a looottt of really good seasonal options, see the full dallas menu here. november’s featured pop is S’MORES! it’s a creamy toasted marshmallow pop, dipped in milk chocolate and dredged in graham cracker crumbles.’ it was the perfect combo of creamy caramelized goodness with a slight crunch of the milk chocolate shell with those crumbles on top. i was even dipping my mint chocolate pop in the graham cracker crumbles they were soooo good. if you have an opportunity to try steel city pops, definitely do so. can’t wait to see what they come up with for december!

steel city pops on greenville ave

top- plato’s closet, jeans- marshalls in vegas (last worn here), boots- target, scarf-gifted (similar styles here)

steel city pops on greenville ave

steel city pops on greenville ave

steel city pop of the month greenville avenue


my goodies didn’t end with yesterday’s post….if you’re interested, read on for a few more things i picked out this #BlackFridayThursday.

aside from these amazing jeggings from jcp, i also couldn’t leave these beautiful earrings behind. if you know me at all, you know i’m a bit of an accessory junkie. i might not wear a lot of jewelry all the time, but i consider myself a collector hoarder of sorts. i love a good pair of statement earrings just as much as i love a dainty necklace 🙂 and since this pair was on sale for $9.99 & screamed my style, done! the hardest part was choosing between the colors (check out more pretty pieces here)…at that price i might just order another pair. lastly from this store is this lace-up sweater that was also $9.99, such a cute and comfortable piece at a great price!

old navy is one of my favorite spots to buy jeans and graphic tees. while i didn’t find any tees i needed, their rockstar style jeans get me every time. this pair is velvet and in the prettiest, deepest color emerald green, i was lucky they still had one size 8 left!

target’s doorbuster of $4 tank tops definitely got us in the door, who am i kidding we would have gone there regardless. but who doesn’t love walking around target?! at such a great price (these are usually $8!) i got this tank in black, emerald green & maroon.

these over-the-knee boots were on sale for $30 from kohls, i wore them around the shoe aisle for a few minutes debating whether i would wear them and could justify it, but the price is pretty insane and my sister’s opinion helped push me over the edge & i’m glad i bit the bullet. i really do love them! i only own one other pair of otk boots and they’re in more of a camel brown color, so these act as more of a neutral & i love that you can wear them up, as-is, or folded down. they are super comfortable & i especially love the cute tie detail on the back.

#ootd in an industrial setting

kohls over the knee boots

kohls over the knee boots

target ribbed tank top

lace up sweater and earrings from jc pennys

bijoux bar earrings from jc pennys

kohls over the knee boots folded down


i wasn’t really planning on #BlackFriday shopping this year but after eating such a heavy lunch on thanksgiving and seeing how bad the cowboys were playing, going to poke around with my mom & sister and moving my legs didn’t sound like a bad idea. so would you call that #BlackThursday shopping? i was worried the stores would be insane and the lines would be ridiculous but it wasn’t even crowded. it was actually quite the opposite & in some cases we had full dressing rooms to ourselves. we only waited in line at one store too and it was for 5-10 minutes so not bad at all!

to start with, we went to jc penny’s. i had nothing specific in mind to buy from there, but stumbled upon these jeggings amongst other things. they’re arizona brand with 4% spanx so they fit like a glove and have the perfect amount of stretchiness. they don’t feel stiff or like they’re going to fall down in the back or get loose after a few hours, which i hate. this is not a bragging moment, but since I lost some weight (~20 pounds since may) i’ve had to re-evaluate my closet and figure out my sizing all over again. this was the first time in a long time i’ve bought a pair of jeans in a size 7. i know size is just a number and i vary from store-to-store myself, but i’ve always struggled with my weight and ever since i did the keto diet and majorly cut carbs, i’ve kept the weight off and started to fit in smaller clothes and it made me “eek!” inside when i took a 7, a 9 and an 11 into the dressing room and walked out with the 7. all smiles over here.

next up, kohl’s had $9.99 sweaters as doorbuster deals and this jewel-toned beauty in a polyester chenille blend is one of the things i scored from there. it’s the softest thing i’ve ever put on my body. if you own anything in this material, you know what i’m talking about! i was tempted to wear nothing underneath…or maybe i didn’t, you’ll never know, ha!

last, but not least are these super cute and comfortable booties from target which are under $20 from the clearance rack in-stores. the tan color is so versatile and the heel height was just what i was looking for – a great bootie to wear to work!

another full outfit of #BlackFriday buys coming up tomorrow, be sure to check back!!

JC Penny jeggings, Target booties, Kohls sweater, black friday deals

jeggings- jc penny, sweater- kohl’s, booties- target

Kohls sweater, black friday deals

JC Penny jeggings, Target booties, Kohls sweater, black friday deals

Target booties

reindeer antlers headband from Target

jeggings that make your ass look good



i went with my girlfriends this weekend to nearby cedar creek lake for an overnight getaway to celebrate #friendsgiving. with it only being an hour away, we caravaned it down saturday morning-ish, stopping at cedar creek brewery on the way for a beer and lunch and then on to chels’ lakehouse….where we get together to take our makeup bras off, snack all night and make memories & inside jokes that we will bring up for years to come. we called this trip #GirlsTripPlusTy because some of my friends have kiddos and we were allll girls, plus tyler 🙂  we each brought a dish for a homemade meal and the icing on the cake was literally the best cake i’ve ever had – it’s called yum yum cake and if you like pecans you would die! here is a similar recipe & there is a photo below, get ready to drool.

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my inner bohème came out to play this past weekend.


buffalo exchange, boots- vintage shop in LA, purse- sister’s (from marshall’s), hat- target, sunnies- forever 21>

dek & i went to a new-to-us coffeeshop called 1418 in downtown plano this past weekend. it was super cute & quaint with mix-matched furniture, decor made from coffee sacks & most importantly….great espresso! dek had his usual “extra hot latte” and i went for a triple shot americano with cream.

for the occasion, i reached for a dress i got at buffalo a few weeks back. it was my first time wearing it & the vibrant green the color and unique pattern are what caught my eye initially when browsing through the many racks at the store.  i wasn’t sure how it was going to fit since there’s  no tag or label with a size, but it worked. and it worked WELL! the length is just right- it hits slightly below the knees, it’s super light & flowy and the deep-v neck compliments my small chest perfectly. paired with a hat & knee-high boots i felt like i nailed it. i got these boots our trip to LA a few months ago, they were the only pair like them in a small vintage shop that we popped into and like a true cinderella story they fit perfectly and they came home with me 🙂  also, they were $20!!!






let’s go cowboyssssss!

it’s sunday & the ‘boys are playing as i type. i’m standing up at my kitchen island and dek’s lounging on the couch with peanut on his chest. we were over at my grandmother’s house grilling burgers with family earlier today & then i went to see my friend’s new kitten, gray. he was the cutest, smallest little creature & he stole my heart. (pic of him below!) my girlfriends were making fun of me for wanting to be home by 3:30 to watch the game, but i’m all about it this season, so naturally, my #ootd was representin’ that navy. plus, it gives me an excuse to sit down and yell and paint my nails at the same time. this little comfy dress is kind of see-through in the daylight and a slip was not working, so i tied one of my grandfather’s flannel shirts around my waist and kept it casual with easy sandals. now, it really is 90 in november…..


<dress- derek heart, flannel shirt- my grandfather’s, shoes- marshall’s, sunnies- uptown chepskate>




and here’s the cute kitten:



i always walk by the size 9 clearance shoe aisle in marshalls just in case they have something new (from the last time i was there, which is like every other week!) that i can’t pass up. my most recent trip there was to pick out a gift for a friend and just upon starting my shopping trip, i passed the above-mentioned clearance size 9 shoe aisle and the only pair of perfect gray slip-on sneakers with a barely-there snakeskin print caught my eye. they were basically calling my name. of course i tried them on and of course it was like a cinderella story where they fit perfectly and were the most comfortable things i’ve ever put my feet into….because hello! they’re dr. scholls! i’ve never even owned a pair of these “comfort shoes” but these guys are stylish and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. win, win.


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