to say that i’m into body jewelry & headchains right now would be an understatement.
obsessed may be a more appropriate term ūüôā
i accumulated a few unique pieces before our trip & felt like the sachne was the perfect place to debut a few of my favs. even though dek may not approve, he was a great hubby to snap some shots in the almost-100 degree sun.
what do you think?
headchains…. yay or nay?
for special occasion or everyday wear?
this evening i met up with my friend basmat, whom i had not seen for almost two years. we met at adela in ramat yishay and shared a bottle of wine (gewurz is our fav) & a little appetizer of toast with ham & spicy mustard with fries on the side, which was delish. we always have great conversation and i’m so lucky to have met her and kept the connection alive, even though we don’t speak often.
anyways, again, it’s midnight & i find myself not tired, but running on the 4 hours of sleep i got last night, i guess i should force myself to hit the hay… so, goodnight from israel!

this past weekend was a fun one, although i had to work, dek & i were able to squeeze in some quality time :)we also met up on sunday at the allen outlet mall with my sister and her bf to walk around and find some good deals. the sales weren’t all that amazing, but i did score two peplum tops (my first ones ever!) at charlotte russe for only $10 each! after the mall we went to eat at chilis & then continued on to old navy, marshalls and tj maxx. dekel got some items for his family back home in israel & we are going to send them a care package here in the next few days. his family asks for him to find things here in the US that are way cheaper than in israel, like athletic shoes and work out apparel, so we got them some good stuff ūüôā

yesterday was memorial day & after i got off work, we went to visit my grandmother.
she had been to visit my grandfather & was having a sad day so hopefully our visit cheered her up.
we just sat around and ate and joked and laughed for a few hours. we love going over there and spending time with her! she really is the best listener/ advice giver, etc…
mel and i stopped in starbucks for a little pick-me-up yesterday, so i’ll leave you with a few photos of my new top¬†(& rockstar jeans from old navy, which i’m in love with already)


what did you do this past weekend??

a brief update to show off my latest obsession…hot pink shorts.
bought them at old navy for $15 and don’t want to take them off.
surprisingly, the go with a lot and they are so comfortable, it feels like i’m not wearing bottoms at all!
on another note, i got a promotion at work & will now be a shift supervisor at starbucks.
i started training today & it seems like a lot of work, but i am ready for the challenge!
this upcoming weekend i will be with my girlfriends celebrating our friend, nugget’s, bachelorette party.
a strip club will be the highlight of the night & i’ve never been to one, i’m nervous! (have you ever been to one?)
wearing: bra: target, sunnies: market in israel, tank: random, shorts: old navy, purse: borrowed from sister, sandals: zara, white cuff: target, gold cuff: estate sale find

blog post title from this song.
to say that i am happy to be home with my sister would be an understatement.
we are seriously so close, the best of friends…and the same size.
we love dressing up and taking photoshoots, so we did just that yesterday when the weather was 80 degrees and the sun was hot. now as i blog, its dark & raining out.
oh, dallas weather, when will i get used to you?
i was wearing: hat: israel, sunnies: israel, necklace: gift from dekel, tanktop: marshalls, bra: goodwill (it was BRAND NEW with tags from target!), belt: goodwill, skirt: market in bangkok
i’ve never been to florida, but i had to have it! ($1.99 from goodwill, by the way…)
mirelle was wearing: headband: the jaime by that madonna girl, necklace: gift from her boyfriend, earrings: random, skull bracelet: made by mirelle, sunnies: bangkok, tank: goodwill, shorts: goodwill, spiked wedges: deena & ozzy from urban outfitters
dress: marshalls

took a few shots by a bright & beautiful grafitti wall after leaving the dentist’s office on sunday. the good news is i am¬†embracing my style & trying to wear hats more often because i never thought i looked cute in them, but, for some reason, now i do. the bad news is i have to go back to then dentist this week to fix a filling…bummer!
but anyways, for this occasion i chose to wear a mini skirt from zara, silky razorback from plato’s closet in dallas, fedora & shades from¬†different markets here in israel, zara sandals, forever 21 earrings & green flower ring from a boutique in dallas called charming charlie.






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hey guys!
hope you all are having a fun &¬†relaxing weekend so far…
dekel & i spent friday morning in class and then headed to the beach for a little fun in the sun. we swam in the ocean¬†(the water was amazing!!!), drank some beer, ate some bissili, played some matkot & tanned…all in that order¬† ūüôā
this morning we woke up & at around two o’clock i felt the need to get out of the house for a little bit so we headed to nazareth shopping center to walk around & get a refreshing beverage at a cute cafe. i also picked up a little somethin’ somethin’ to giveaway to one of you guys next week, so stay tuned for more deets!
i wore: my hair on top of my head because its still sweltering hot here, a beautiful pearl necklace given to me as a birthday present from my israeli grandmother, cheap sunnies from the market in tel aviv, a salmon colored tank (bought a long time ago), skirt from the market in tel aviv (a 10 shekel purchase!!), my trusted louis & wedges from pull & bear
 hers: watermelon & melon smoothie, his: strawberry, banana smoothie
stay tuned!
next week i will announce some items i would like to giveaway to one of you for being such great & loyal readers!

i did a little shopping yesterday.
it was just the time alone i needed to pick up a few new items and blow off a little steam. work has been¬†extremely stressful lately and shopping is my outlet. i know, thats bad. but i was reasonable, meaning i walked into the mall with the intention¬†to pick out items that i would wear to work, that would be versitile and to stay within a budget.¬†i set a budget for myself of 300 shekels, which is about 75 dollars, and¬†proudly didnt go over it. you are probably¬†thinking 75 dollars is a lot to blow at once, but the cost-relation in israel is out of this world!¬†i always compare the prices of things here¬†to the prices of things in the states and get so bummed. with $75 i only got 3 items¬† ūüôĀ¬† but, for the time being, this is where i live and its not like im going to stop buying stuff, so….i picked up this¬†bright blue button-up from bershka, these new black matchstick capris from h&m and some super cute two-toned flats from pull & bear that will make their apprearance on the blog very soon.
i thought to make my shirt pop in some photos for today’s blog post, we would cross the street from our house and take snap some in the beit knesset, or synagogue,¬†that unfotunatly¬†went up in flames¬†a few months ago. joanna just posted the cutest post here & after thinking about it, i think im good at bargaining with people & finding beauty in destruction, like below.
more photos from this shoot here  =)