it was dek’s birthday yesterday so we went out to celebrate! mirelle found this cool-looking place called the royale via a food blogger she follows on instagram and since one of dek’s favorite foods is burgers & beer we knew he would love it…and it did not disappoint! they also had extravagant milkshakes that we wanted to try. win win.

majorly drool-worthy grub that tasted as good as it looks.

celebrating dek's bday at burger royale plano

hers: $3 brunch mimosa, his: mosaic IPA

menu at royale burger plano

celebrating husband’s birthday with great company, good food and fun times

with the birthday boy at the royale plano texas

avocado toast with poached egg, salsa verde and pecorino cheese on toast, mom’s dish

avocado toast at the royale burger

texas truffle burger, which me and mel split
3-cheese macaroni, house-cured bacon, a giant onion ring and truffle aioli

texas truffle burger the royale burger plano

the peanut butter cup shake: cap n/ crunch ice cream, peanut butter nutella swirls, whipped peanut butter and reece’s pieces candy

the peanut butter cup shake


i’ve been looking for a cute pair of black jeans without holes in them for a while now, don’t get me wrong, i looovvvve a good distressed detail but this weather has me wanting to cover every inch of my body. i found these beauties from zara the other day while shopping with my sister & they won me over. snug to the body, a little high-waisted, which i like, and with that special black-on-black embroidered embellishment, i couldn’t pass them up.

yesterday dek got home from work relatively early, around 4, and instead of heating up the leftovers we had in the fridge…we put on our heavy coats, braved the cold and went out to haystack, a cute little burger place in the shopping center right by our house. it was an impromptu date night and a great reason to wear my new pants. i paired them with an oversized pale pink sweater (it’s mirelle’s) & tan suede boots that i scored for $20 in a vintage shop when we were in LA.

haystack burger richardson texas

ootd at haystack burger richardson texas

love the barely-there, black-on-black embroidered detail

black zara jeans with embroidered detail

haystack burger richardson texas

loving my new, shoulder-length hair

at haystack burger richardson

see these boots also worn with a vintage dress, here

haystack burger richardson texas

his: chicken fried burger with jalapeno-bacon cream gravy

chicken fried burger at haystack richardson texas

hers: haystack burger

& we shared the half/half, and we each had a beer, of course

haystack burger richardson texas

my love!

date night selfie at haystack burger richardson texas


& a happy new year!

hope you have a wonderful day spent with loved ones, relaxing, eating good food and having great belly laughs.

if you live in dallas and have a chance to check out the cutest seasonal coffee shop there ever was, i highly recommend deck the hall street. it’s right by 75 & ross ave. & go before the new year….if anything for the #instagrampic in front of that super cute red wall! their americano was pretty tasty, too.

deck the hall coffee shop dallas texas

keep the change ya filthy animal

deck the hall coffee shop dallas texas

letters to santa

letters to santa at deck the hall coffee shop dallas texas

#deckthehallstreet special menu

deck the hall street seasonal menu dallas texas

there were cotton balls on string hanging from the windows, which looked like snow!

deck the hall coffee shop dallas texas

don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins

americano at deck the hall coffee shop dallas texas

garland & wreaths hung about

atmosphere at deck the halls coffee shop

deck the halls coffee shop dallas texas

americano with cream, please

deck the halls coffee shop dallas texas

#target parka with removable faux fur hood, in gray

deck the halls coffee shop dallas texas

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

deck the hall streeet coffee shop dallas texas

have a wonderful day, friends!


this past week dek & i had the privilege to attend a menu tasting at one of our favorite restaurants, modern market. they’re food is always so fresh, you can really taste the quality. they “cook using simple, whole ingredients purchased from farmers, ranchers and suppliers who use sustainable practices” and that is a motto i can rally behind. i honestly order online and pick up lunch from there probably 2x/month when i have busy days at work and haven’t meal prepped (there’s a location right by where i work in a brand new shopping center in richardson called cityline), but i always order the same thing…the pulled pork banh mi sandwich with a side of mac & cheese (which is the bomb, by the way!) so this was a great opportunity for me to try some of their new & exciting menu items that i would probably never order, but definitely will now…like the curry salmon & maple glazed brussels sprouts.

below is a video dek helped me create, it’s one of the first ones we’ve made – let us know what you think!!

curry salmon bowl:

(i looovveee curry, this was the perfect combo of light and sweet)

heirloom rice, braised kale, coconut sweet potato curry, salmon, toasted coconut and green onion

curry salmon with almonds and spinach

truffled potato pizza:

(a table favorite!)

creme fraiche, fingerling potatoes, wilted leek, 3-cheese blend, black truffle oil, grana padano and green onion

truffled potato pizza with leeks modern market dallas

SuperduperFOOD salad:

(verrryyyy healthy & the granola was an interesting addition)

baby greens, quinoa pilaf, purely elizabeth blueberry hemp granola, fruit, raisins, carrot, almond and raspberry chia dressing

modern market superduper food salad dallas texas

bbq pork sandwich:

(sweet & savory all at the same time with a crunch of apples and punch of bbq sauce)

berkshire pulled pork, spicy bbq sauce, brussels, jicama slaw and green apple on brioche bun

bbq pork sandwich with green apple on brioche modern market dallas

umami brussels sprouts:

(surprisingly good…i don’t like brussels sprouts and i ate the S%*$ out of these)

brussels sprouts, umami maple, togarashi, toasted walnuts and green onion

umami brussels sprouts modern market fall winter menu

modern market dallas fall winter menu tasting blogger event

wine in water cups, love it!

did you know it’s only $3 a glass cup???

white wine modern market dallas


mood lighting and atmosphere in modern market restaurants

have YOU been to #modernmarket?

which one of these would you want to try?


this past friday i returned home from a 2-day work trip to kansas city where i went with the whole marketing team that i am on to meet with a new agency partner of ours. there were like 12 of us traveling together and while the trip was short it felt like it lasted a lot longer than it did!  those 12-hour days are no joke, plus the freezing weather didn’t help. it was fun but intense, so when i landed friday i drove straight home, changed into “comfy clothes” & spent the evening doing nothing but chillin’ with dek, cuddling on the couch sipping champagne.

on saturday, i toggeled between being a hermit crab, staying in & doing nothing again or putting on my face and facing the world to be social. i went with the latter. it started with mirelle’s text at 8 am wanting to hang out, then molly’s phone call (greenville ave. was where she was headed & wanted us to come with her), then i texted my friend jules who i knew was in town from fort worth and who i have been wanting to see, then my mom texted us, then lauren texted. it was funny how it snowballed into a random day of fun with great people and good laughs! we met up at greenville ave. pizza company & were hungry so, duh! we had some delicious pizza. i always go for the same thing, green olives + feta, but when molly said she was ordering the pesto schiutto, i was all in. it’s pesto sauce, prosciutto, roma tomatoes, arugula, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, pizza crack (their homemade seasoning that is addicting as crack!) and parmesan. everything i love, but on a pizza. it was sooooooo good!

cheers at Greenville Avenue Pizza company

the “wall paper” in the restaurants is not paper at all, its a hand-painted work of art!! along with their storefront signs. look closely next time you are in, it’s amazing. also, they just opened a new location at 1145 peavy rd in east dallas, if that’s your ‘hood you’re in luck!

wallpaper at Greenville Avenue Pizza company

greenville avenue pizza company storefront

the pesto schiutto – check out the rest of GAPC’s menu here

pesto schiutto pizza at greenville avenue pizza company

we also ordered a slice (which is the equivalent of like 3) of margarita & 5-cheese which were insane, per usual

margarita pizza and five cheese pizza at greenville avenue pizza company

stacked pizza boxes by the beverage station

piled pizza boxes at greenville avenue pizza company


greenville avenue pizza company

after lunch, we we went walking around and into this super cute shop right across the street from bullzerk called the merchant. they have great giftables, coffee table books, tea towels, candles and beautiful i-want-to-touch-and-smell-and-pick-everything-up merchandising displays. definitely check them out if you are in the area!

the merchant store greenville avenue dallas texas

the merchant store on greenville avenue

miller hat shop sign at the merchant on greenville avenue

another pit stop we made was to joy macaroons, it’s the perfect place to grab a sweet treat post-lunch. the others in my group didn’t get anything but i got butter pecan and pistachio and ate them both…in under 1 minute. the pistachio was surprisingly my favorite of the two but there are so many flavors to choose from – you can even get a macaroon ice cream sandwich, which we often do in the summer.

joy macaroons greenville avenue dallas texas

strollin’ around greenville avenue

walking down greenville avenue


last month i won an instagram giveaway from steel city pops through @dfweatsss and i saw this post about thier “pop of the month” which made me basically drool on my phone (!!) so after our weekly sunday lunch with grandmother yesterday i convinced the crew to head over to greenville avenue for a sweet treat, “on me.”

they offer a simple concept of choosing between a ‘fruity’ or ‘creamy’ pop and then you can either enjoy it naked or dip & drizzle it…oh, and don’t forget the toppings. we all went the ‘creamy’ route this time – my mom got chocolate, i got mint chocolate, my grandmother got butter pecan and mirelle got the pop-of-the-month, which i basically ate half of too but they have a looottt of really good seasonal options, see the full dallas menu here. november’s featured pop is S’MORES! it’s a creamy toasted marshmallow pop, dipped in milk chocolate and dredged in graham cracker crumbles.’ it was the perfect combo of creamy caramelized goodness with a slight crunch of the milk chocolate shell with those crumbles on top. i was even dipping my mint chocolate pop in the graham cracker crumbles they were soooo good. if you have an opportunity to try steel city pops, definitely do so. can’t wait to see what they come up with for december!

steel city pops on greenville ave

top- plato’s closet, jeans- marshalls in vegas (last worn here), boots- target, scarf-gifted (similar styles here)

steel city pops on greenville ave

steel city pops on greenville ave

steel city pop of the month greenville avenue



this month has been a whirlwind with something going on every weekend and every day in between. its been crazy & crazy fun! i traveled to LA over labor day weekend for a girls adventure with my mom & sister. we love going places together since we enjoy many of the same things and go at a similar pace. (& can be totally blunt and honest with each other without anyone’s feelings getting too hurt) i wanted to document our whereabouts since we had some amazing experiences and some fun things to try. we were all over the place – read on if you’re interested 🙂

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