happy new year, everyone! i hope you have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2019 and you achieve all of the aspirations you have. “you can do what you set your mind to” is the mindset i am going into the new year with. i’m also repeating to myself the mantra “happiness is not a goal, but a way of life.” i think practicing a grateful & positive outlook is important so i’m going to make more of an effort to be this way. i’ve truly had the best past 2 long weekends with dek & family , i’m going to remember the holiday season of 2018 so vividly since i had baby A with me, it was so special. it’s a bittersweet time changing years & changing chapters in our lives, it’s like on one hand i love our life and everything’s SO good right now, but it’s amazing to know it’s just going to get even better. i’m looking forward to the new year & am excited for our future. i forsee a future of travel, taking life a little slower, being more in the moment & continuing to work at our beautiful marriage and be grateful every single day!

this past weekend my brother, ben, was in town from new york visiting & to end our season of family holiday experiences, my mom took us to do an escape room. (you can find our other experiences from this season here, here & here)

we have done escape room games together a few times before, but this one was different and way cooler than others. they have a few rooms you can do, but ours was called “the heist” and it was all about us trying to locate a hidden artwork masterpiece that had been stolen. we had baby atlas with us and he was napping in his car seat (we were watching him) & then 2 minutes into it he woke up and wanted to be held so i wore him and helped as much as i could while trying to soothe the babe. we alllmooosstt escaped, we were so close! we all walked out of there saying how we need to do it more often, it was so much fun! after the hour-long game we all had to use the bathroom, wanted to wash our hands (you’re touching so many things in those rooms, i’m sure its SO germy) and change the baby so we walked down to the grapevine mills mall food court area. atlas was also getting hungry so i decided to feed him…in public. i’ve been self-conscious about breastfeeding in public and i’m trying to shake it because it’s like not a big deal at all. i just feel awkward whipping my boobs out in front of people but fuck it, they don’t have to look. #dropthecover

it helped that my fam was there hang out with me while he ate for ~20 minutes, breastfeeding can feel isolating sometimes. now that he’s older though it takes much less time for him to eat, which is awesome. so after a quickish feeding sesh we headed to lunch at fireside pies, which is a cute restaurant serving pizza made in wood-fired ovens. we cheers‘ed with beer & split theΒ baked goat cheese and italian salad as appetizers and ordered 2 pizzas to share for the table because mirelle also ordered pasta. we got the ‘hot n’ crumbled’ & the ‘burrata pesto pie’ and they were delicious! we most def had dessert too, it was their warm cocoa brownie which we devoured in under 2 minutes. it was such a fun-filled, good food kinda day.

peace out 2018 & may the next year be one of your best yet! sending out all the positive vibes.


merry christmas eve friends! this past saturday we ventured downtown for the family holiday experience that dekel planned. he heard about it through the dallasites 101 girls & what’s awesome is that it was FREE! we all met up at ‘unbranded‘ which is a venue on main street that features different rotating artists in the form of pop-up shops. that was the “starting point’ of the stroll & there we were given a green stocking & a map of participating retailers to visit. after we took photos with santa and got a free drink (mimosa for me & mel, beer for mom & dek) we strolled around main street & commerce street for prizes, candy & hot chocolate. mirelle rented one of those bird scooters too, it was fun to try it! after strolling around for a bit we went to dinner at chop house burger to end the night of family fun. baby atlas was a great sport through it all, except for when it was time to go home – he cried for the 30-minute drive back home and it was so loud dek & i couldn’t even talk to each other. at one point, i was driving & he was in the back seat with the baby and i yelled something and he jokingly goes “i can’t hear you, text me” – HA!

hope you all have a merry christmas & a great holiday with loved ones.


dek & i ventured to a new-to-us coffee shop in the middle of the beautiful dallas design district yesterday and loved it! it’s on oaklawn and they specialize in craft espresso beverages and pour-over coffees. they are serious about what they do and passion is the name of their game. the vibes were great and the coffee phenomenal!
with the first sip of my latte, i was able to taste the sweet micro-foam with hints of lemon and deep espresso. it was delicious! we both had lattes, but next time i will go crazy and order their cortado
weather outside was freezing, so i was all layered up in my peacoat, scarf and booties, but we had a wonderful saturday. hope you have a great weekend, as well!
peacoat: h&m, scarf: charlotte russe, jeans: forever 21, booties: target
thanks for reading!

barista life no mas.
beginning march 2 i will merge into the corporate world and join the ‘at home‘ marketing team. fka (formerly known as) garden ridge, this company has undergone a major re-branding transformation to become ‘at home’ (you can read more about that here!) & i am so excited to be a part of the thriving marketing team and face new adventures & challenges. 

i will dearly miss my starbucks partners, they are really like a second family to me. knowing and working with them has been such a pleasure! honest and creative people work at starbucks and i was privileged to have gotten to know some of these people i speak about. i will miss the amazing coffee (not to mention the endless flow of espresso), the customers i have come to know & enjoy catching up with, multi-tasking like crazy (it’s definitely an adrenaline rush working there sometimes!) and also getting the hookup at chipotle, since we work right next door πŸ™‚ i plan to continue attending coffee master meetings, a few of us baristas took it upon ourselves to delve into coffee knowledge and begin the process of becoming a “coffee master.” this is a paid, self-paced program you can go through at starbucks where you master five levels of training on how coffee comes to fruition, bean to cup, and everything in between. we are on our 3rd meeting and currently covering the 3 major coffee-growing regions (which are latin america, africa & asia/pacific) and i plan to continue along with my partners in this journey. while i will be attending as a customer in these future cases, it will keep me connected to my passion (coffee!), while giving me a chance to see & sit with my partners (score!).

just for fun, here are some pretty pictures of coffee cherries/beans:

this is an unroasted, unprocessed bean in a coffee cherry.
red means ripe.

coffee cherries on a branch

sooooo many coffee cherries!


cheers to a new beginning at a new job!


today is our three year anniversary.
our wedding day was so amazing, i love going back and reliving it.
we are more in love at this point in our relationship than we probably thought possible when we married. marriage is a funny thing. i really do fall more & more in love with my husband everyday. he never ceases to surprise me or make me laugh (usually about some dumb joke), he supports me in every way possible, he’s truthful even when its hard to hear, but important to know, he’s loyal and worships me, reminds me how beautiful i am several times a day. he is caring and will be an amazing father one day and i love thinking where our relationship will go in future years. 
i had to work today, but when i got home at noon there was a bouquet of beautiful pink & purple wild-looking flowers with a note on them that was the beginning of a treasure hunt around our new neighborhood! how cute is that! i had no idea he was planning this nor was i expecting anything because we mutually agreed not to get each other anything or do anything crazy today, but he really went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved and to create something fun for us to do. 
i’d love to share some photos from my little treasure hunt adventure, if you would like to see! dekel followed me around capturing my confusion. some of the hints needed a little further explanation, let’s just put it that way- haha!
gorgeous bouquet. husband did good.
clue no.1 
 i found clue no.2 pretty easily, behind a ‘parallel parking’ sign
in search of clue no.3
 found clue no.3 & a little friend
 clue no.4!
 looking for clue no.5 by the “blueprints” sculpture at the circle
clue no.5 led me north, past polk-a-dot bakery, to find a park bench with the number 825 on/near it
 found! clue no.6
 clue no.6 6 led me southwest from where i was to another park to locate a black light post. do you see how many black light posts are in the below photo? there were tons…guidance was necessary!
 clue no.7 led me to some trees under the addison water tower, where my treasure was waiting for me! dek sneakishly got my favorite kind of white wine, Gewurztraminer, and printed a sticker label with a photo from our wedding day on it. really special touch! funny note: the wine was in a bag with a note on it explaining that it was a valentine’s day gift and to please not touch, since it was sitting out in a public area, haha!
 he even brought glasses! we sat in the park and reminisced about where we were 3 years ago and how far we’ve come and where we want to go. i love making plans for our future and being so aligned with him.  
 after the little treasure hunt, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a place by our apartment, the lion & crown. it’s an english pub located on a corner with an amazing wrap-around outdoor patio that we sat on to enjoy the 70 degree weather! 
my handsome husband

 for him: hoegaarden from the tap, for me: melon fizz 

 dek had the french dip sandwich with au jus & i had the brat on a bun with stoneground mustard 
 neighborhood kitty we call “fat cat,” i want him to be my friend so bad but he doesn’t trust me yet. 
it will be a love like this one, i can already tell. 
thanks for reading!
happy valentine’s day & have a wonderful weekend!

well hello there ! 
i feel like we haven’t talked i haven’t blogged in ages, and it really has been a few weeks but there’s good reason! 
we moved!
dek & i found a quaint studio apartment in addison at the post and have been busy moving/ situating ourselves since. we moved in on saturday the 24th with help from my sister, mirelle, her boyfriend randy, and my mom. i double booked myself and attended an intense class at beyond 500 hosted by andrea that same morning, which left me so worn out and sore (photos herehere!), and then spent 5 hours transporting heavy objects, so needless to say i could barely walk on sunday. ha!
anyways, we love our little place & have already hosted a small family meal to thank our mover-helpers πŸ™‚ once i have some spare time i will go around our new neighborhood and take some photos of our surrounds and our new apartment to share with you guys, but in the meantime here are a handful of photos from life lately:

we rented a u-haul to transport our stuff, it was packed full but we forgot to take a “before” photo, so this is me & mel unloading the last item. you really should have seen us wheeling heavy objects and boxes piled high on a dolly of about 4 square feet space down a mile-long hallway trying not to run into walls or drop everything. it was truly a sight. but we did it! and within only a few hours plus one ice cream break. 

the exterior of our apartment building. we reside above retail space, which i absolutely love; it gives our place that “city” vibe! there are restaurants, bakeries, bars, pubs, photography and workout studios, etc… (directly below us is a yoga studio) 

sunset view from the rooftop

 testing out the inactive railraod track next to my apartment as a potential #ootd photoshoot backdrop. we approve πŸ™‚

about to enjoy some white cheddar popcorn (thanks, mom!) & watch some american horror story, i am on episode 6 of season 1 and loving it! i recently watched the 6th season on tv and now i’m catching up on the others via netflix
have a great rest of the week !! 


here are a few snippets from my christmas day with my family if you would like to see.
my brother, two cousins, aunt and uncle came in town and we all gathered at my grandmother’s house to have a nice meal and hang out. 
christmas meal table setting
i received an amazing new lens from dek for the holidays & my brother ben was playing around with it and yielded this photo
my grandmother’s decaf coffee christmas cup with a pretty little lip stain
 new zara blanket scarf from my sister, mirelle
  peanut wanted in the photoshoot
i love it!
traditional photo in the kitchen
this sums up our relationship
 peanut was worn out!
thanks for reading πŸ™‚

also i will be sharing tons of photos and stories from my trip to new york, so stay tuned!!

a few weekends ago my partners & i celebrated the holidays with a cozy little get-together. 
we all most of us brought something to eat or drink and daiana brought cards against humanity which we played…which got interesting. but now i totally understand why the game is called that! it was so much fun, maybe too much fun for me as i definitely had a glass or two too many of wine, but hanging out with my friends from work, outside of work, is always fun. 
i haven’t even mentioned on my blog yet, but i’m going with my mom and sister to new york for a few days! we leave the 29th and will ring in the new year in a different city with a totally different vibe. sadly, dek isn’t coming with us. i miss him already. don’t event get me started. but this is a girls trip and he didn’t really want to join in this time. so we have rented an apartment in the upper west side and have plans to be total foodies for five days while we scope out the city for fun treats and take advantage of the scenic & iconic backgrounds for photoshoots, of course. if you have any suggestions on what to do/must see things/places, let me know πŸ™‚
hope you all have a wonderful week & holiday!
here are some photos from our “partner party,” if you would like to see…
pasta salad & cider
spinach salad with strawberries & homemade peppermint bark (in the background) 
chili’s appetizer platter & cornbread (?)
i fell in love with this kitty
& stay tuned for a fun and super cool diy project that i will post soon!!

after a sharktank marathon last night, dekel & i woke up early to head to houndstooth coffee, a quaint corner coffeeshop off henderson avenue, recommendation by my friend harley. the place was so my style and i loved the uniqueness of everything. you walk in and are greeted by handsome baristos behind a beautiful chrome, mirrored espresso bar. after placing your order, we went with lattes (me: almond latte with vanilla, dek: original) you get to watch a beautiful creation of latte art and then enjoy the natural-lighted space with your caffeinated beverage of choice. 
another point to make is you can even choose which espresso you would like in your shots! check out their daily offerings board below, but after choosing which espresso you would like you can see the barista stuffing your chosen grounds into the filter, yielding a special “brewed for you” feeling. 
starbucks needs to step up their game. 
 the pattern of coffee and people is what they are all about
 pretty teal barstools fill the room
 chocolate croissant & latte art 
 cute detail revealed when you finish your last sip
cool, tucked away room in the cafe & their sleeves at the condiment bar
 daily offerings board; we enjoyed timepiece in our lattes
 houndstooth, one of my favorite patterns & now one of my favorite coffee shops!
milk & honey, a boutique next door i have been dying to check out but they don’t open until noon on sunday, so i’ll just have to come back…  πŸ˜‰
 booties from hallelu that i bought four years ago! you know you made a great purchase when you wear them often & still love them just the same.
thanks for reading & have a great week!