i’ve shared photos of our kitchen that was recently remodeled here & today i thought it would be fun to share how the nursery we created for atlas turned out! i started a pinterest board when i was preggers & i feel the room definetly came to fruition with the bohemian spirit i envisioned. it’s been 4 months that we’ve been actually using it so we have made some changes & this is how it looks today. i love the modern bohemian vibes it boasts & it feels neutral enough to be for a boy or girl with a few tweaks. it’s young-spirited without screaming “BABY,” that was my goal throughout this whole process. let me know what you think!

this is a photo from the website when we bought the house 3 years ago. even before i got pregnant i liked this room as a nursery because it faces our backyard (which back then didn’t even have a fence) & gets the best natural bright sunlight. it also had this built-in shelf thing where a tv was mounted, but we wanted more master bedroom closet space on the other side of that wall so right when we moved in we had the contractors close up that wall.

this is the room with the wall closed up & painted our favorite gray from sherwin williams called gray screen. we also got stainless steel outlet covers for all outlets in the house & it makes ugly outlets look a little bit better.

below is how it looks now! i painted the canvas wall art before atlas was born when we were 99% sure about his name. ‘atlas‘ is a coldplay song & one of my favorite lyrics from it is “i’ll carry your world” because i will always carry his when he needs me to. while that’s not why we named him atlas, once we were pretty certain i knew i wanted to paint a piece with that quote to go in his room and it ended up in such a great spot.

elephants are symbolic to me & my friends because when an elephant gives birth, her fellow elephant girlfriends gather around her, forming a circle, protecting her and that’s how close we all are & how protective of each other we are – it’s like the symbol for our friendship. so i saw this little baby elephant lamp i knew i wanted it on his changing table so we could use that in the evenings when we change him.

this is the view of the room right when you walk in…when it still had a ceiling fan. when we first moved in we got modern-looking tri-blade stainless steel ones (similar here) for every room which served us well, but when we turned this room into a nursery i wanted a light fixture instead.

before atlas was born i hung a mixed metal elephant wind chime that i got from marshalls (you can see it’now hanging behind the black chair in the corner) over his crib & when he was younger he loooovved laying there looking up at it, but when one of the little chime parts fell off (not on him thank goodness!) i realized this could be a real hazard & we needed to hang something less pointy and lighter so i set out to find a feather/dreamcatcher mobile but i really couldn’t for under ~$50, it was kind of crazy! so i made my own…sort of. i ordered this dreamcatcher from amazon which was $11 & just cut and retied the feather strings so we could hang the dreamcatcher horizontally instead of vertical. it looks a little make-shifty if you look close, but it’s a looottt safer and he still enjoys to lay there & watch it spin.

we got floating shelves from wayfair & i took my time decorating them, i seriously juuuussst got them to how i like them. it’s a collection of all meaningful items & it makes me smile, especially seeing my maternity photo remembering thinking “i can’t wait to meet you.” & how fun is this basket ladder?? we want atlas to speak & understand hebrew fluently so dekel speaks & sings to him in hebrew & we will read to him in hebrew too. some of the books below are from atlas’s grandparents in israel, who are coming to meet him and visit dallas soon!

one of my favorite maternity photos from our session here & a crystal ball rotating globe i scored for $10 at the mckinney trade days when we went, here.


thanks for reading!


bohemian modern kitchen remodel

we gave our kitchen a facelift! actually, that was our naive intention when we began this whole process months ago and we got reallllyyyy screwed. what we thought could be an easy facelift, turned into a whole kitchen remodel project and while we LOVE the result, we didn’t expect to go down this path so i want to share my experience with you in hopes you can learn from our mistakes and even be inspired by my new “pinterest-worthy” kitchen. there was nothing wrong with our kitchen before, it was just the only room in the house we didn’t touch or do work to when we moved in two years ago, so we wanted to update the cabinets and the countertops. turns out that was a whole lot more complex than it sounded to us & since we tried to go down the cheaper, separated project route to save some money we ended up spending more time and money than if we had just gone with a trust-worthy contractor from the beginning.

we originally hired two separate contractors we found via thumbtack, one was a carpenter (rezurwreckshun sevices) and the other was countertop installation (acue marmonite). we met with these “professionals” and explained how we were trying to save money by not doing a complete kitchen renovation project & how we just wanted to tackle these projects specifically and individually. the carpenter said he had experience with woodworking and could easily craft new doors & drawers for us with new hardware and install soft-close technology since the drawers we had before would screech every time we would open/close them. one of our many mistakes in hiring this guy was not getting a timeline or a contract in writing from the beginning, we just had a brief meeting where he took measurements & he said he would be back the next week with a sample door & drawer for us to approve and he would then build them all. sounded simple enough! then we met with the countertop installation guy and he was actually legit but, long story short, when the cabinet guy didn’t work out (2 months later might i add!!!!!) we backed out of the countertop agreement and had to pay a fine so that we could do the whole project with one contractor for the sake of time efficiency/our sanity, since installing new countertops needed to be done only after new cabinets were installed & we didn’t want to live in chaos/without a sink for much longer.

the beginning of may was when we “hired” the cabinet dude and after we hired him he was impossible to get a hold of by text/phone which was soooo annoying. he would come by every other weekend and find something else that he hadn’t accounted for so it just kept delaying the project. over a month had gone by & it was around the middle of june that we decided to make a contract ourselves for him to sign stating that if he didn’t complete the job by 7/3 (before 4th of july) we would stop working with him and not have to pay any more money because when we met the first time he said this whole job would only take two weeks. we had already paid him $700 for down payment & materials, too. well, 7/3 came around and the job was nowhere close to being done and this kitchen mess was causing stress and anxiety and little fights between me & dekel so while we had already “invested” some money in this guy, i really wanted to cut our losses and move on to wrap the project up with someone else when he couldn’t deliver. we went back and forth on giving him more time & another chance because he kept dragging us along saying he just needed “this other part” that he ordered or needed time for the paint to dry, etc. but at this point, i was so over it and the deadline was where i drew the line in the sand, we were done with him. the phone call to “fire” him was not pleasant because he obviously wanted to complete the job and make the money but whatever. a few days later we met another contractor we found via thumbtack called “the remo guys” and we worked with faizan. i had met with this guy before and they have a website, facebook page & fully-functioning business so i trusted him. he was always really responsive and helpful and seemed like the real deal! we met twice because i was so paranoid that we were aligned before signing anything with another contractor, but he was so patient and reviewed my inspiration photos, here, and even made suggestions & had ideas along the way. the day after we met the second time he sent us sketches of what the new kitchen would look like along with cabinet color options and ceiling trim options. the timeline he gave us was ~2 weeks and he got started right away with demo. dek & i needed to order takeout most of the time since we had no sink or functioning oven or microwave, but with a light at the end of this all-summer-long tunnel we were happy to be in good hands and be getting it done with one contractor who always answered our calls/texts, physically came by to check in on the workers daily and even emailed summary of what was done at the end of every day. faizan was so on top of it it was refreshing and i was getting excited to be getting a whole, brand new kitchen…even though it came with a higher price tag than we anticipated.

bohemian modern kitchen remodel



modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project

bohemian modern kitchen remodel project


bohemian modern kitchen remodel project


bohemian modern kitchen remodel project


bohemian modern kitchen remodel project


bohemian modern kitchen remodel project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


modern bohemian kitchen renovation project


bohemian modern kitchen remodel project


bohemian modern kitchen remodel project

bohemian modern kitchen remodel project

bohemian modern kitchen remodel

bohemian modern kitchen remodel project

cost breakdown:

$700 – original carpenter down payment/materials that we lost

$1,600 – countertop slab price + a fine for not completing the work with the original installer (we still got to keep the slab but just had to arrange to pick it up)

$11,800 – the remo guys to demo kitchen, install cabinets, countertops, backsplash, range hood, sink, hardware, floating shelves, drywall work, plumbing & electrical work since we needed to move a recessed light

$3,800 – samsung appliances (refrigerator, gas range oven, dishwasher)

$400 – undermount sink

$150 – range hood

$30 – hardware

$140 – 2 counter-height barstools

$80 – materials for the 3 floating shelves that we DIY’d (wood & kona stain from home depot and hardware from amazon)

total cost: ~$18,700 


below are some amazing #AtHomeFinds i scored from a sample sale last week. all of this was only $30!!!

home decor haul from at home stores

i work on the marketing team for a home décor retailer called at home & one maaaajjjjjor perk of working at their corporate office, besides being off on holidays like today :), is that every few months there is this thing called a “sample sale.” a sample sale is the company’s way of getting rid of the 1000’s of products that flow through that the buyer’s don’t need anymore. they are all samples and not final production units, so there could always be something minor “wrong” with the item or they just didn’t end up purchasing this item. it’s also an opportunity for our company to give back because all of the proceeds go to a charity called sunshine spaces, which is rad.

how it works is each department is allocated 30 minutes to shop and anything/everything you can fit in a giant shopping bag you can take home for $5. there’s no limit on how many bags you can buy and if something doesn’t fit in a bag they usually just charge $5 or $10 for it. i try to be strategic & think ahead to only get things i really “need” or know in advance i want to replace in my home, but once you get in there (our downstairs cafeteria, lol), you just start gobbling up everything in sight! i also always collect a few giftables to give through the year, like notepads, vases, jewelry plates, kitschy wall art, etc.

i’ve rearranged the décor in my home a bit to fit in some new pieces, which i would love to share with you guys. peanut and kaizer couldn’t help but get in the photoshoot, scroll on to see!

bohemian home decor lot at home stores

stacked wooden and metal bohemian home decor trays with fairy lights

hohemian home decor at home stores

decorative book boxes home decor at home stores

candle holder with cute giftable ring holder trays home decor at home stores

gold bohemian lantern home decor

home decor pillows and textiles

i put the pom pom basket next to peanut’s bed in the living room to hold his blanket & dog toys – here is a similar style basket

bohemian basket with pom poms and peanut in the city dachshund

we hung this textured wall décor near our dining table, behind my palm – similar style here

hanging bohemian wall décor with accent palm tree

the fairy lights are now stationed at the coffee table tray

coffee table decor with fairy lights

if you know me, you know my love for lanterns is unmatched, i couldn’t not get this one. found a cute spot for it on our entryway, drop-all table so you see it right when you walk in the front door. i put the gold brushed pinecones in it for now but might get more fairy lights and add them inside the lantern.

entryway table with bohemian lantern

peanut lays on pretty much every pillow on our sofas, so over time they get a little flat & dirty-looking. i love refreshing my living room with just 2-3 new toss pillows.

fluffy gray and bohemian style toss pillows

bohemian style home decor pillow textiles at home stores

i put a few leftover-from-hannukah candles in my new centerpiece & gave it a home on my dining table

candle holder centerpiece home decor



i’m thankful for so many things and yesterday was an opportunity to actually say what i am thankful for OUT LOUD, i don’t do that enough and i am going to start trying harder.

at the moment, here are the top 3 things i am thank for:

1. dek & our relationship. i truly have a lover, a friend and partner in life with him and i’m so happy with where we are today. we’re stronger than ever and have a deeper connection than when we first got together. we just “announced” to our family that we are trying to get pregnant. we’re ready to grow this family of ours!!!

2. family. don’t know where i would be without the guidance of my mom, dad, sister and brother. i have unique relationships with each of them that i am so thankful for.

3. ambition. to work, to travel, to explore. i’m thankful this spark is alive in me and in my mind. i will never stop dreaming and doing things that i love and i’ll never stop reaching for the endless possibilities that i can and will creating something amazing in this life.

i’m also thankful YOU are here reading this post on my site. if you didn’t notice already, it’s gotten a little bit of a makeover (post coming soon about that!), hopefully you will find the site more visually appealing. feel free to share the top 3 things you’re currently thankful for in the comments below, i’d love to hear!

anyways, back to thanksgiving and the good stuff, the food! it was my second time hosting this holiday and probably won’t be my last, i love doing it! everyone offered to bring a dish which helped alleviate the pressure. i made a simple, but tasty brisket in the crock pot, following this recipe. it’s super easy – you just throw everything in the night before and wake up to garlic aroma filling the house and tender brisket with mushrooms marinating – everyone was drooling over it – it was insaaaannnne! i also made this white bean dip that i snagged from cupcakes & cashmere’s site, which was light and oh, so snack-able. dek made oven-baked chicken from his mom’s recipe book and we had a simple green salad with tomatoes, feta, pine nuts and pecans with lemon-garlic dressing. my mom brought smashed potatoes & gravy and pumpkin bread (dekel’s favorite!) and my sister brought an intense marbled chocolate and peanut butter reese’s cheesecake and champagne for mimosas. my aunt brought bread rolls and grandmother brought a pickle tray with olives and cranberries. it was SO nice to enjoy a casual lunch with the fam & a delicious meal gathered around a tablescape i was pretty proud of. i definitely indulged in one too many helpings of smashed potatoes & reeses cake with vanilla ice cream but it was soooo worth it!

after lunch we played some table games, our favorites are spoons and mexican train, then we migrated over to the living room to lounge on the couches and have some blonde roast coffee & pumpkin bread. we sifted through the endless pile of black friday ads and mirelle made a list of “doorbusters” we wanted to go check out that evening. after watching a painful first half of the cowboys game, i gave in and went shopping with my mom & sister. we headed out to poke around in jc penny’s, kohls, old navy and target. i scored some great pieces that i am sharing on the blog tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

my tablescape – created with garland from at home stores with pine cones and candles layered in (mandarin currant scent) & vases with eucalyptus from hobby lobby for height. mix-matched napkins are from world market and the gratitude cards are from my mom, tied with white pom-pom string.

bar cart vibes + a festive DIY (inspiration from this post)

Festive Bar Cart

white bean dip

white bean dip appetizer with veggies and pita chips

marbled reese’s cheesecake made by my sister, mirelle

Reeses cheese cake

sister pic, post lunch

post-Thanksgiving meal sister photo

2nd annual family thanksgiving selfie stick pic, 1st annual pic here

Thanksgiving family photo

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, enjoy the weekend!


i know, i know…it’s not even thanksgiving yet, but in the spirit that dek & i are hosting thanksgiving lunch with our family again this year annnddd i’ll be hosting our annual girls christmas party, i wanted to sprinkle a few festive touches of décor around our home before we have company over the next few weeks. here are 5 easy, budget-friendly ways to incorporate festive touches of décor around your home:

1. customize your ornaments

if you already have a tree, great! if you don’t and you’re ready to purchase one, i would recommend a faux tree with built-in lights. then, it’s all about customizing your ornaments. i like to use wood slices or chalkboard surfaces to add personality to my tree. you could also easily hang things like this on doorknobs, the fridge door, kitchen cabinets, etc. the K is for Kaiser & P for @peanutinthecity…our pups 🙂


2. bows are your best friend

there’s something soooo holiday about those red velvet .99 cent bows, try adding them to a window sill planter, a lamp, your cabinets….go nuts with these guys.


3. look up: hang ornaments from the ceiling

ok, if you don’t have a hanging globe installation over your dining table like i do, you can try hanging different sized and shaped ornaments from light fixtures, doorways – you could do this with mistletoe, too.


4. use mini trees

i have a few of these from @athomestores, here is where you can browse them, and how cool that they are funky colors like blue & mint green! i put them on our entryway table and on top of our liquor cabinet.


5.  create a simple, not-so-perfect tablescape

this gray table runner with silver sequins & these geometric christmas trees are what i had from last season, but any grouping of three objects will create a simple scene for any surface. you could do this with mason jars and twigs from outdoors, another idea could be succulents with ornaments.



dekel & i have really made this little apartment of ours feel like a home.
we have personalized it, added our touches of our own, cooked here, we’ve cleaned (luckily it only takes about 15 minutes max!) and we love our neighborhood. chillin here with the windows and patio door open is amazing & we love that we’re up on the 2nd floor so we have privacy from down below. also our whole place gets so much natural light, which creates such a bright & cheerful atmosphere.
here are photos of our home, if you would like to see:

colorful flowers from my mom in a weizen glass  on our bar
beautiful bar stools, found here.
 i wanted to create a designated place for our keys, sunglasses a random things we grab out the door or need to set down right when we walk in. (or to remind me to grab my phone on the way out; i’m always forgetting it!) i found this double-decker mail holder at genesis benefit thrift store and spray painted it with black chalk paint with the intention of changing up the sayings/ reminders every few weeks 🙂 we also needed to put up some hooks so when we drop off our coats/my purse it doesn’t end up on the couch or bar stools. we found these at ikea and they keep our coats hidden behind the front door. perfect. if you are wondering what the brown little hanging sack is by my our keys in the photo below, it is fresh lavender & i’ve become obsessed with this scent & placing little sachets all around our apartment/ in my car, etc…
the kitchen area
as previously mentioned, i really wanted to keep things off the floor of our apartment as well as off the counters, clutter reduction was in full effect when we decided to find a way to hang our utensils and knives in the kitchen. these were also found at ikea, i love the end result & i LOVE that very little stuff “lives” on our counters.
we lined each cabinet with black lining for a more firm grip for dishes and mugs + it just looks nicer!
storing items in my dishwasher?
how sex & the city of me!
entrance to our bathroom with a positive mantra; this sign was found at an estate sale for .50 cents! i spray painted it with black chalkboard paint & love the result. i think i love chalkboard home decor. 
you can call me obsessed. 
simple shower curtain, $7
 amazing wooden towel rack with hooks that we scored here, $8
now, my closet is still a work in progress, as i own waaayyy too many accessories and clothing items and really need to do a full closet clean-out, like this one, before summer rolls around. but in my opinion, i found some creative ways to utilize this one small closet that we share. i took over the left side and hung my jewelry & accessories all over the place. my thought is “if you don’t see it, you wont wear it” – so of course i needed to make it visually appealing. 
necklaces + lavender

 i hang extra purses on the back of the closet door & belts hangout next to our super cute laundry bag (from here!) with my craft supplies stacked neatly behind them. 

 shoe rack found here.
the living area
view from the patio
our dining area;

coffee bean sack found at lulu b’s, gifted from my sister as a ‘housewarming’ 

our bed & bedside tables floating shelves 
(i have found that keeping items off the ground is key when working with little space)

this is a little corner of our living room behind the couch, where we added some more floating shelves to create a stacked effect. (& again to keep things off the floor!) i wanted to showcase some cute bronze camels from a market in jerusalem, a photo of me & dekel on our wedding day which always overwhelms me with emotion when i look at it & a photo of my mom, grandmother & grandfather bathing me, in awe of me. one of my favorite photos of all time because it’s like now the tables have turned and i am in awe of them. a style book by lauren conrad also resides on these floating shelves for outfit inspiration or shopping guidance, when needed.

this game lives on our coffee table! have you tried it? 
it’s so vulgar, so fitting for my family- ha!

last but not least, is our beloved patio area. dek & i love sitting outside talking, so it was a necessity that we at least have a small space to put two chairs. 
our view is of railroad tracks which i have already been drawn to

walking path beneath our patio

hope you enjoyed this home tour 🙂
for home decor and organization accessories, i would highly recommend popping into ikea, at homeworld market. these places seriously have some amazing things going on right now.

thanks for reading!


initially inspired by these, i knew i wanted to use small, wooden crate-like boxes to assemble a “centerpiece” for our living room area. since we live in a simple studio apartment and the floor plan is open, our whole place is basically just one big room, which we love. it feels open, inviting & homey. but there was just one big wall we weren’t sure what to do with. we were on the search for free or cheap wooden boxes, i mean we could have made them, but luckily dekel’s friend had 5 that he didn’t need and they were exactly what we were looking for, so we took them on as the DIY project i have always been wanting to do!we were going to my grandmother’s house today to do some yard work & around-the-house chores, so we brought our boxes and some black spray paint to do this potentially-messy project in a corner of her giant backyard. we first removed leftover stickers that were on the boxes and sanded each box down. then we took a slightly damp cloth to the boxes to wipe them down from debris. to avoid painting the grass black, we cup open a few 45 gallon trash bags and found some weights to hold the bags down. we decided to take advantage of this spray painting opportunity to DIY some patio chairs as well. my sister gave them to us for our little outside seating area and they are perfect, besides the color and the fact that they would leave green residue when you touched them, so a coat of black paint was a necessity & i think they came out great!

the next step was to decide how wide we wanted the v-shape format on our wall and just nail them in! we honestly just eyeballed the heights, so they might be off a tad, but it looks amazing to me & i love the result! to finish off our centerpiece, we added something to our wall that we’ve been wanting to mount for a while now, our scratch map! i got this for dekel for his birthday 3 years ago and finally it’s up:) (you can find one here!)dek sanding the boxes

the straightening tool is crucial so you don’t have uneven boxes, really helps!
we need to scratch more countires…i think costa rica will be the next one!

hope you liked this post!

stay tuned if you’d like to see how we decorated our small space of the world; full apartment tour coming up this week!