week 28 pregnancy bumpdate buffalo exchange blue splatter dress

week 28 of my pregnancy is coming to an end and i’m officially in the 3rd trimester, which is nuts! (see previous pregnancy bumpdates from week 17 here, week 20 here & week 24 here) signs that i’m in the 3rd trimester are charlie horses, i’m getting them like every other day right when i wake up and stretch my legs, which is soooo annoying & painful. another thing i’m experiencing is losing sensation in my legs and if i sit on my knees to play with the dogs, even for a few minutes, my legs start tingling and it’s hard to get up. also, my ankles and feet are already starting to swell- i could really tell today in my sandals, my ankles had little fat rolls. at the doctor today for my 28-week checkup i had to drink a super sweet, nasty room-temperature, flat drink, wait an hour and then get blood drawn to test for a gestational diabetes test. supposedly pregnant women are susceptible to getting this, as the hormones from the placenta can block the action of the mother’s insulin in her body…or something like that. our families do not have a history of diabetes, so i’m hoping the results come back negative, but if the test comes back inconclusive, i’ll need to go back, drink that disgusting drink again (!) and then wait 3 hours and get tested again, so please keep your fingers crossed for me! after our doctor appointment dekel & i went to chick-fil-a because i’ve been craving chicken minis soooo bad! i got a 4-piece meal and then went back for 4 more #noshame. dek got back from a 10-day trip to israel yesterday & it feels so good to have him back, it felt like an eternity this time. he’s gone back to visit family & friends before but it felt different this time, like a bigger piece of my heart was missing. i really missed my partner and cuddle buddy, peanut only let me cuddle him so much- ha!

week 28 pregnancy bumpdate

week 28 pregnancy bumpdate buffalo exchange blue splatter dress

week 28 pregnancy bumpdate buffalo exchange blue splatter dress

week 28 pregnancy bumpdate buffalo exchange blue splatter dress

week 28 pregnancy bumpdate buffalo exchange blue splatter dress

week 28 pregnancy bumpdate buffalo exchange blue splatter dress

<dress- buffalo exchange, purse- sam moon, sandals- street shop in vegas>


week 24 pregnancy baby bumpdate

i’m 24 weeks preggers & time is flying by! (see week 17 here & week 20 here) i feel like my bump tripled in size in the last month and is now totes poppin’. i’ve swollen up in a lot of areas besides just my tummy & this has helped keep my legs from rubbing together when i wear dresses (which is every day!) and keep the bump supported. before i bought it, i was wearing dekel’s boxers- ha! baby boy is the size of a cantaloupe this week, which is funny because i’ve been eating cold cantaloupe like crazy for the past 3 weeks. he’s definitely moving around in there, i feel him every day, mostly at night. it’s like a little internal pressure feeling but when dek puts his hand on my stomach he can feel the slight twitches too and it’s so fun to feel him. we got back from our #babymoon in maui, hawaii which was uhhhmaazing! i plan to write a whole post on it to include all the deets, but it was seriously one of our favorite splurgy vacations to-date & i’m so glad we decided to go just the two of us before growing our little family, we spent so much quality time together and made such fun memories. last weekend we had a mini garage sale to get rid of some crap around the house that we didn’t need and more importantly to clear out the nursery so we could get started on building it. we got this crib & this rug from target to start with and now it’s about hanging wall art and placing decor, which i have tons of from working at at home. the next big things on our list to buy in preparation of baby arrival are some sort of bassinet or sleeper for our room since he will most likely sleep in there with us for a few months & like a stroller, car seat, etc. – what else do i need?! i’ll share a before/after of the nursery once it’s done, it’s fun to be creating a new room in our home and i love walking in there or walking past it and seeing the crib, knowing baby boy will soon be with us. it’s still so nuts to me i’m pregnant!

pregnancy week 24 baby bumpdate

pregnancy week 24 baby bumpdate

pregnancy week 24 baby bumpdate

pregnancy week 24 baby bumpdate

pregnancy week 24 baby bumpdate

<dress- ross stores, duster vest- forever 21, heels- target>


grade and edge maxi dress 20 week pregnancy

i am officially 20 weeks along in my pregnancy & baby bump is in full effect and totes visible now all the time, even when i lay down and your stomach usually flattens out. he’s there! can’t believe this is the half-way-there mark, it’s gone by so fast it seems but my body keeps changing. my boobs are huge and like everyone says, your nipples really do get dark. i don’t have stretch marks yet, but i’m prone to get them, so will be ordering this to try to help. i’ve gained a total of 20 pounds already which freaks me out, but i’m making a more conscious effort to eat better and exercise more, at least keep my body in motion and take walks every night. i try not to be too hard on myself about the weight gain, but it is something that is always on my mind. i haven’t really felt him yet but think i felt my first “flutters” the other morning. it felt like there was a muscle twitch from the inside and i looked down and couldn’t see anything. i poke on my belly all the time to feel him, but i think he’s too small at this point still. we had our 20-week appointment today and all is well, baby boy is growing at a great rate and seems healthy and happy in there. he weighs 13-ounces and is as long as a banana. #bananababy we had an ultrasound today so we were able to see him moving his arms and legs around, see his little, fast heartbeat & and the silhouette of his face and body, which was so cool!

you can kind of make out his side face silhouette in the below sonogram, half the time we didn’t know what we were really looking at, but the more i study it the more i see his head, nose, and little mouth. #swoon

baby bumpdate 20 weeks pregnant

for the most part, i am wearing dresses every day. jeans don’t work and i don’t really like maternity jeans. a sweet friend from work gave me a few pairs, but i just don’t like them and i do love dresses, so it’s all good. this beautiful maxi is one i picked up this past weekend from a boutique called grace & edge which was at the boho market at community brewery this time. we love the boho market & it being at a brewery was a reason for dekel and my dad & sisters to come too, since they were in town visiting from connecticut. i love the flowiness of it and the salmon color is gorgeous. i had been eying this dress and turns out it’s the exact same one, just in a different color!

grade and edge maxi dress 20 week pregnancy

maxi dress silver necklace bohemian style pregnancy update 20 weeks

grade and edge maxi dress 20 week pregnancy

grade and edge maxi dress and target sandals 20 week pregnancy

<dress- grace & edge boutique, necklace- handmade by me, sandals- target>


week 17 pregnancy baby bump update

i thought it would be fun to start documenting my experience, maybe not every week, but i want to remember my feelings and thoughts throughout this pregnancy & be able to share them with you.

i’m feeling really good! besides having a bump in my lower abdomen (which i joke is a food baby most of the time) i don’t really feel or look pregnant. he pops out more in the evenings after work. i’m completely over the nausea/morning sickness phase (thank goodness!) and the smell aversions have passed and now i’m just hungry all the time and i finally feel like i have some energy back. finding clothes that work is a struggle, jeans are a no-go most days but i’m enjoying flowy dresses as of late. to keep my body in motion dek & i go on walks with the dogs after work and every saturday morning we go to the park by our house and i walk while he runs, today i jogged a lap which felt really good. as for cravings, i’m super into sour stuff, like tart grapefruit juice and sour candies (this is not a stretch from my normal behavior though, ha!) and also really into salads with vinegarette. we’re starting to plan a babymoon! i got really emotional the other night thinking this would be our last trip without a baby in our lives and without a worry of another human being depending on us, i really am going to miss it just being ‘me & dek.’ we’re excited about this new chapter, but it’s also like closing a door on what was and that struck me hard. i’ll keep you posted on where we think of going, we’re limited due to the zika virus and since i want to be by a beach, currently on our list is bahamas, hawaii and grand cayman.

week 17 pregnancy baby bumpdate

week 17 pregnancy baby bump update

week 17 pregnancy baby bump update

week 17 pregnancy baby bump update

week 17 pregnancy baby bump update

<dress & sandals- marshall’s, sunnies- forever21, purse- from a vintage store in LA>


ootd by deep ellum mural dallas texas

this weekend flew by (don’t they always?!) but there were some really fun & relaxing moments that i’d love to share!

friday i worked from home & was able to accomplish a lot. a lot of work and a lot of personal crap. i made some returns, cleaned my car & had breakfast with my mom. mom & i started doing weekly dates about a month ago & taking turns picking out the place and paying each time. it’s so nice to spend time just the two of us. previously we’ve gone to lunch at super chix, breakfast at the flying biscuit, breakfast at communion, breakfast at chiloso & this past friday we enjoyed breakfast at cindi’s, which i highly recommend! i had the waffle platter and got a salt bagel to-go for lunch that afternoon and it was so good (salt bagels are my all-time fav) that i took dekel there again for breakfast on saturday to get another one & got 2 more for the week ahead!

ootd by deep ellum mural dallas texas

on saturday dek & i went to a park near our house where he ran & i walked the dogs and then we wore them out by playing frisbee & throwing the ball. it was a dreary/gloomy morning so eating a hearty breakfast at cindi’s left us full and ready to chill on the couch/nap, which is exactly what we did for the rest of the afternoon. i watched kuwtk while dek napped then worked on the computer, then we watched this movie called ‘den of thieves‘ which was pretty good.

made in texas shirt by deep ellum mural dallas texas

sunday was ‘lunch with family’ day and we met my mom, sister & grandmother in deep ellum to eat at pecan lodge. unfortunately, it was 12:30 and the line was redic! there was no way i was waiting in that line, let alone my almost-93-year-old grandmother! so we agreed to be more strategic next time and arrive right when they open at 11 and opted to go across the street to easy slider for some burgers. dek & i have been there before & liked the little burger options they have & food was just as good this time around, but service could improve. after lunch we walked next door to rocket fizz for a something sweet, or in my case sour! i literally spent $10 on sour candies, eating the whole thing of sweet tarts chewy sours before we got home. whoops. i also scooped up now & later extreme sour and mike & ike sourlicious fruit punch (which are sooo good!) all this goodness won’t last but a few days, ha!

deep ellum mural dallas texas

shirt- the boho market, skirt- $9 from forever 21 clearance section (similar style here), purse- merci handmade vintage, shoes- marshall’s 

what were you up to this weekend?

wishing you a great week ahead!


& it’s a BOY!!!!!! we’re expecting our first little baby later this year! oct. 1 to be precise but with my birthday on sept. 28 and with my luck i will turn 33 and go into labor all in one day, ha!

we’ve been trying to get pregnant since our trip to bali last may. i’ll never forget the afternoon we decided it was time to start our family. we had been talking about when would be the “right time” and all of a sudden it hit us…we were sitting in a cafe in seminyak called ‘the fat turtle‘ and we were casually having brunch and an austrailian couple about our age next to us had the cutest kids, one about 2 or 3 and one in a stroller sleeping and i had an out-of-body experience where i envisioned our future life like that was us with our two kids still traveling the world & we started talking about how having kids should not stop us from adventuring or traveling, just enrich our lives and bring us joy, so it was that day i stopped taking my birth control pills. i’d been taking them daily since high school so wasn’t sure how long it would take for them to wash out of my system and my ovulation cycle to normalize back out, but here we are not even a year later and i’m growing a life inside of me! it still is so crazy saying that & thinking there’s a heartbeat in my belly that’s beyond mine.

baby boy gender reveal party

baby boy gender reveal party family photo

baby boy gender reveal

this journey so far has been a rollercoaster. i was in shock and disbelief at first. i’ll never forget taking a pregnancy test because my period was late and seeing two pink lines, the test clearly says that if you see two lines (even if the second line is faint it means positive) but i took another two tests, ya know…. just to be sure. after feeling confident in my tests i ran into the kitchen and told dek who squeezed me and then i snapped this pic to my sister:

positive pregnancy test

i wasn’t feeling any symptoms when i found out i was pregnant, i think because i found out so early, i was literally a few days late for my first missed period so i was probably only about 5 weeks preggers at this point. we went to dinner with my mom that weekend and i told her by giving her a card that said “baby” on the front and i wrote “in the oven” on the inside and even though i told her not to tell anyone, she was so excited she told the waitress at dinner! debbie was (& still is!) so full of excitement and joy, it’s hard to get mad at her. i love my mom so much! at around 7 weeks was when i started to feel nauseous all the time, especially when i would first wake up in the morning and it would last until mid-afternoon. when i saw my doctor a week later she recommended eating more small meals throughout the day and keeping things like crackers by the bed so i could nibble before even getting up. i found things like gatorade, goldfish & fruit helped me, but really all i was “craving” were carbs and sweets. i wanted nothing to do with healthy food and some things (& smells!) like eggs were such a turnoff. i wasn’t sure how to go about telling my friends and especially work, but i knew i wanted to wait at least until i saw a doctor to quadruple confirm and also hear that all was good with the little baby & i’m glad i did because seeing a sonogram with a little baby bump growing inside me made it so, so real.

baby first sonogram

after my first doctor visit at around 8 weeks, i invited my closet girlfriends & sister over for a mimosa brunch because i wanted to tell them in person and hug their necks, which is exactly how it went down. my bestie molly knew before coming over because she guessed! she’s a mind-reader and when i said i wanted to host a brunch she texted me “are you pregnant?” and i was like “how the hell does she even know?!?!” but it worked out because she was able to secretly film everyone’s reaction, which i still tear up at watching & am thankful it’s on video.

girls brunch and pregnancy reveal to friends

steins petit fores pregnancy reveal to best friends

sister love pregnancy reveal

i’m now at the 15-week mark and have passed the nausea phase and am feeling more energized and good! we found out and revealed the gender to our work and family & friends, so it’s all becoming even more real than before if that’s even possible. thinking of what’s in me as a boy is crazy. i have to admit that i was disappointed to find out it’s a boy as i really wanted a girl. i somehow envisioned myself with a girl and felt like that was what i was growing, but i was wrong! that feeling of disappointment has since passed, i really just want a healthy baby, but it was like a small dream was crushed when we got the bloodwork results from week 12 doctor visit and opened it together at our kitchen island & scrolled down to find “male.” i know i will love this baby unconditionally, but i’m just being honest. i’ve now formed a small belly pooch which to me is this awkward in-between of baby bump and food baby, but dekel kisses it every morning and my friends at work touch my belly and get excited for me and this compounds the joy inside. i’m happy to have shared my secret and now that it’s out in the open i’m excited to connect and learn from other moms and future-moms. this is just a whole new chapter in the book of life we have turned and it’s really exciting, scary, thrilling, crazy, emotional and fun at the same time.

thanks for reading!


so a few weeks ago i did something i was terrified to do! i got my eyebrows hyper-pigmented in a semi-permanent process.

this has been something i’ve considered doing for at least 2 years now, but just never pulled the trigger and would now recommend it to anyone who is self-conscious about their brows, if you have bald spots or just want to enhance the color. i have thin, blonde brows which are barely-there without me filling them in and i’ve come to appreciate how eyebrows can frame my face & was always self-conscious without them being “done” everyday or when i would go swimming and they would wash off. unfortunately, i was dumb when i was younger and overplucked but also my brows are just sparse and super light so i would use a light brown eyebrow pencil and even brow gel to fluff them up, every. damn. day. it got old and i started to become more serious about looking for and considering alternative options for semi-permanent makeup here around dallas. the thought of “tattooing” my eyebrows on freaked me the hell out and i was so nervous that they would come out looking like this. just google “bad tattooed eyebrows” – it’s scary and kinda funny at the same time.

i did a lot of research to try to find the best, most trust-worthy places around dallas to get this procedure done and stumbled upon best brows on social media. after looking through their services and the work that they do, i decided to go to a free in-person consultation to meet who would be doing the procedure and see if i felt comfortable, if i liked her brows, if the space felt clean, etc. & all my questions got answered and i felt i found the right place for me. they pride themselves on “microblading correction.” they do something different than the rest of the microblading industry, they use a tool, similar to a tattoo pen but with a very, very thin needle & that’s how they introduce pigment into the skin with realistic hair-like strokes. there would be no touch-ups required and my brows would last a few years until the pigment slowly fades, so it’s a semi-permanent process which i was ready to commit to. you can read more about their process here & check out some of their work here, just click on “our work.” the procedure was not cheap, but i wasn’t looking for the cheapest place in town i was looking for the right one for me. they were running a special and i paid $495. they seem to run specials often & if you check them out on social media you can see they have one going on right now for even cheaper than i paid at $395. i’m telling you, if you are leaning towards doing something like this i seriously cannot recommend them enough!

they’re located in the salon boutique at preston center off northwest highway & the dallas north tollway, right next to that downstairs marshall’s if you’ve ever been there. it’s a private room and it was just me and the sweet lady doing my brows with some relaxing music on. the whole procedure took about 2 hours from when i arrived, it started with numbing cream & then after 15 minutes she wiped that off and drew lines around the brows for where they would start and end & where the arch would be using a measuring tool and remind me along the way that they are “sisters, not twins,” which i thought was cute. once your face is marked up, you lay down and try to relax as she mixes your personalized color (which we had agreed on during my consultation) and the tattoo pen starts buzzing. you’re asked to stay as still as possible while she starts drawing hair strokes on your eyebrows. at first i was like “this is it?” and toward the middle of the first brow it really started to hurt in certain areas, but i just kept telling myself that “beauty is pain” and would push my head into the headrest to stay as still as possible and try not to squinch my eyes. she had me sit up throughout the process to examine the progress, readjust her lines if necessary & let me peek in the mirror. i was just so excited to be getting this done and being one step closer to pretty brows that i didn’t need to fill in anymore! at the end of the procedure, the brow area was a little red but immediately you could see the results and i loved them! i knew the next few days after were critical to not get them wet, keep them out of the sun, etc. but i was ecstatic with the results and as time goes by (it’s been about 3 weeks) and they have completely healed and i’ve gotten used to them, i love them even more. scroll down for some before & after photos!

eyebrow prep with numbing cream

before and after of hyper pigmentation eyebrows with best brows microblading correction dallas

before and after of hyper pigmentation eyebrows with best brows microblading correction dallas

these are my brows 3-weeks later with NO makeup on them. i am no longer filling them in or fluffing them up with brow gel in the mornings – this is them in their new “natural” state & i LOVE the result!

my eyebrows without any makeup on them


bay in haifa, israel

haifa bay & port area in israel – – photo taken while driving up one of the many mountains on the way to the university, more photos in this blog post from 2012.

when i first started my blog i treated it as an online diary that kept my dallas family & friends connected to what my sister, mirelle, & i were doing while living so far away in israel, since instagram & snapchat didn’t exist back then. i moved to israel right after graduating college in 2008 and thought i was just going to spend 6 months there learning hebrew, blogging, traveling and then i would come home and “find a good job.” well…i ended up falling in love with the country (& and a man!), living there for 5 years, blogging the whole time, and in 2013 my now-hubby dekel & i moved back to texas where i’m from. i have continued blogging since moving back to the states (okkkk, maybe skipping a few months aka a year) but have shifted personal goals and the aspirations that i have for myself & my site. if you have been following for a long time, you know that i used to call my blog “fly far.” that name felt fitting when i was living in israel since it was mainly content about our daily adventures & any traveling i did when israel was “homebase” …which was quite a bit!

after moving back to the states, i felt like i wanted a brand name that could act as a larger umbrella for “bohemian” content that comes from me, whether it be my personal style, travel adventures, DIY crafts, etc. i’ve chosen to call my site “bohemian by nature” which will encompass everything that is me: city girl with a free spirit. i created a fresh, modern logo and wanted to take my site to the next level in terms of design. i was lucky enough to be contacted by blogerize to work with them in redesigning my site in exchange for a review of their services & output and i am THRILLED with how everything turned out! i worked with lauren specifically and we literally went back and forth emailing over 50 times to get it right, test it, tweak it, etc. she was so patient and helpful through the whole process. i can’t recommend them enough if you are looking to give your site a facelift or if you need any information or support in blogging/site management.

since moving back from israel, i switched blogging platforms from blogspot to wordpress & while i love the wordpress and all it offers, i still felt restricted with the free design templates because i couldn’t tweak the layout and functions the way i wanted. i like to think i know a thing or two about usability, optimizations, content organization, etc. i just needed help starting it all. i had also been meaning to take the plunge and “self-host” my website for a while so that down the road (when it’s needed) i will be able to gain even more control over the design, features, storage, etc. and when blogerize reached out to me to re-design my site it was the best excuse to pull the trigger. i am now self-hosted, utilize wordpress as my dashboard aaannnnd was able to achieve a more specific and tailored-to-me look & feel of my site and brand by collaborating with blogerize to design and implement it all. i’m so excited and thankful for this robust & exciting site design, i hope my site is more fun for you to poke through & that you can easily find all of my articles in one place now. i am still working on all of the content organization, but any feedback you have is welcome 🙂

&& if there is anything you would like me to write about or focus on more in 2018, let me know in the comments!!

marble notepad and computer with rose gold pen


i’m thankful for so many things and yesterday was an opportunity to actually say what i am thankful for OUT LOUD, i don’t do that enough and i am going to start trying harder.

at the moment, here are the top 3 things i am thank for:

1. dek & our relationship. i truly have a lover, a friend and partner in life with him and i’m so happy with where we are today. we’re stronger than ever and have a deeper connection than when we first got together. we just “announced” to our family that we are trying to get pregnant. we’re ready to grow this family of ours!!!

2. family. don’t know where i would be without the guidance of my mom, dad, sister and brother. i have unique relationships with each of them that i am so thankful for.

3. ambition. to work, to travel, to explore. i’m thankful this spark is alive in me and in my mind. i will never stop dreaming and doing things that i love and i’ll never stop reaching for the endless possibilities that i can and will creating something amazing in this life.

i’m also thankful YOU are here reading this post on my site. if you didn’t notice already, it’s gotten a little bit of a makeover (post coming soon about that!), hopefully you will find the site more visually appealing. feel free to share the top 3 things you’re currently thankful for in the comments below, i’d love to hear!

anyways, back to thanksgiving and the good stuff, the food! it was my second time hosting this holiday and probably won’t be my last, i love doing it! everyone offered to bring a dish which helped alleviate the pressure. i made a simple, but tasty brisket in the crock pot, following this recipe. it’s super easy – you just throw everything in the night before and wake up to garlic aroma filling the house and tender brisket with mushrooms marinating – everyone was drooling over it – it was insaaaannnne! i also made this white bean dip that i snagged from cupcakes & cashmere’s site, which was light and oh, so snack-able. dek made oven-baked chicken from his mom’s recipe book and we had a simple green salad with tomatoes, feta, pine nuts and pecans with lemon-garlic dressing. my mom brought smashed potatoes & gravy and pumpkin bread (dekel’s favorite!) and my sister brought an intense marbled chocolate and peanut butter reese’s cheesecake and champagne for mimosas. my aunt brought bread rolls and grandmother brought a pickle tray with olives and cranberries. it was SO nice to enjoy a casual lunch with the fam & a delicious meal gathered around a tablescape i was pretty proud of. i definitely indulged in one too many helpings of smashed potatoes & reeses cake with vanilla ice cream but it was soooo worth it!

after lunch we played some table games, our favorites are spoons and mexican train, then we migrated over to the living room to lounge on the couches and have some blonde roast coffee & pumpkin bread. we sifted through the endless pile of black friday ads and mirelle made a list of “doorbusters” we wanted to go check out that evening. after watching a painful first half of the cowboys game, i gave in and went shopping with my mom & sister. we headed out to poke around in jc penny’s, kohls, old navy and target. i scored some great pieces that i am sharing on the blog tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

my tablescape – created with garland from at home stores with pine cones and candles layered in (mandarin currant scent) & vases with eucalyptus from hobby lobby for height. mix-matched napkins are from world market and the gratitude cards are from my mom, tied with white pom-pom string.

bar cart vibes + a festive DIY (inspiration from this post)

Festive Bar Cart

white bean dip

white bean dip appetizer with veggies and pita chips

marbled reese’s cheesecake made by my sister, mirelle

Reeses cheese cake

sister pic, post lunch

post-Thanksgiving meal sister photo

2nd annual family thanksgiving selfie stick pic, 1st annual pic here

Thanksgiving family photo

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, enjoy the weekend!



1. Where does your name Miyan come from? 
It’s a Hebrew name (a quite common one for boys & girls, actually!) and it means a “spring of water.” To say my name in English is a little tricky, since it has the letter ‘ein’ in it so it’s easier for me to pronounce it “My-on,” when it’s really like “màa-yan.”

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