as i mentioned in the previous post, dekel and i just returned from our wedding in larnaca, cyprus. before flying, i wanted to know where i was going. dekel had been before, but to a different city and he had been in the summertime, which is much different. in the summer, there is more to do. you can beach hop, take part in the water activities, visit wineries, bunjee jump, etc. so i looked up what there was to do in larnaca during the winter. i didnt find much, but i just kept getting the thought that it’s a very historical and pretty place. when we got there, i for sure thought it was a pretty cute city, i especially loved hearing greek all around me and seeing the signs in greek, which look somewhat like quantitative formulas, but our short trip was such a fun adventure. i do realize that we did not travel during the best months, because even on the boardwalk, restaurants and pubs were already closing at midnight. there was one night where we wanted a midnight slice of pizza and asked the reception where to go, with confidence he said just to head into the city and that we were sure to find something. so thats what we did, we got to the boardwalk and nothing was open. i mean, NOTHING! and it was valentines day! we were so hungry so we just stopped at a mini market to get some oreos, potato chips and sprite. we did see one place that was “happenin” and that was a bingo club, if that says anything  🙂  overall, it was fun. and the best part was marrying the one guy who accepts me for who i am and who wrote in his vows that “loving me is not just an emotion, but that its switched into a way of life and that keeping me safe, happy and loved have become his goals in life.” how lucky am i?!


these “attention! drive on the left” signs are everywhere! in cyprus they drive in the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. needless to say, i left the driving up to dek and he definetly made a few practice rounds in the car rental parking lot.
view from our hotel room
just arrived. about to head out to the boardwalk for lunch
my dress + an amazing view

arridipou town hall, where we married
a pretty church in the town of arridipou
the larnaca boardwalk
lunch! burgers at ‘times’ restaurant. for him: mushroom creme burger with local larnaca beer. for me: hot & spicy burger with hoegarden
photoshoot at an abandoned building we thought was cool
chruch in larnaca at night
pretty blue shutters in across from the larnaca marina
near the larnaca marina

exploring around the marina
picturesqe blue & teal boats
bright oranges at the larnaca market
champagne & mint chocolates courtesy of the sweet hotel staff
writing vows
wedding day morning
we’re married!
wedding hair. inspired by this photo.
lunch (and cocktails!) as a married couple at tgifridays  🙂
sharing delishious fajitas
 lunch of caesar salad & white wine at the hotel
 heading back home to israel…married  🙂
 we stopped to pick out some shells to bring home. its our tradition.
 note: this next photo is not edited at all. the sky was just that beautiful!
 hope you enjoyed going through our adventure!
now back to my 30-day-challenge  🙂

my parents are wonderful. 
they are both encouraging, supportive and loving.
my mom lives in dallas and i miss the hell out of her! i can already tell i am like her in many ways, like i have the trait of hers to always want to include people, to never have anyone feel left out. i definetly took that from her. she is also very giving. she puts her family before anything else and i can only hope i grow to be as selfless. she is very casual, especially now that us three kids (i have two siblings from the same parents) are all over 18. my mom’s not afraid of anything…i took this from her too. and without a doubt, i have her “travel spirit.” she encourages me to fly far, saying “you can always come home” and “you are never lost, you are always somewhere.” i love that i can count on her for anything. we have grown (esp since high school) to be best friends and so very close. i love you, mom!
my dad lives here in israel and i see him about once or twice a month. he is hard working and very driven and this is where i get my drive for success and my business skills. he is rational and thinks way more on the practical side than his emotional side, which is actually very unlike me. my dad is true to his word and if he says he will be there or he will help, you better bet your bottom dollar he means is. dependable, i hope i get this from him  🙂 ive always been a daddy’s girl. i love you, dad!

hi. my name is miyan & i live in israel. i was born here in haifa, but i was raised mostly in dallas, texas. half of my family lives there and half of my family lives here. i have the best of both worlds.
1. i am getting married in 6 days!
2. i am the oldest of 8 siblings
3. i make a mean tuna salad
4. i still sleep with a baby blanket that my grandmother made (i call it moddet)
5. ive flossed maybe like twice in my life but have no dental problems due to good genes, thanks mom!
6. my blonde eyebrows are like invisible, i have to use filler or else i look kinda freaky
7. i have frequent cravings for pulpfree orange juice, especially around midnight
8. my pinkies are crooked
9. im so picky, yet so indecisive. im a libra.
10. i want to live in san francisco or washington dc when i “grow up”
11. i speak hebrew fluently
12. im a golfer
13. sweet & salty is my favorite mixture of candy, like take 5 or caramel covered popcorn
14. i have like no memory capability. seriously, i suck at remembering things
15. i color coordinate my closet

so…i got engaged this past weekend!
im like so akward about it because im not like screaming from the rooftops and i feel like im not enthusiastic enough. it has nothing to do with how much i love dekel, because im madly in love with him. the thing is that we had talked about getting married before so i knew it was coming. i just didnt know when or where. i didnt even know he would actually ask me to marry him, since we had already talked about it and agreed it was something we would do in the near future. but it was so sweet and he totally caught me off-guard and im so happy. we are so happy. we plan on flying to a nearby greek island called cyprus to marry in a civil ceremony and then celebrating with friends and family in israel and then again in dallas when we move back next year.

some photos to document a special day to us:
random wild horse & a beautiful sunrise
 fog on the way to the hermon mountain
pretty pine needles

playing in the snow

 nervous to go on the ski lift. i had no idea a proposal was to come!
 riding up in the freezing cold with winds of like 100 mph
warming up & enjoying hot chocolate after he proposed
the simple, yet gorgeous wedding band

i follow the rockstar diaries, and if you dont- you should.
she began this movement of posting other bloggers’ lists of 10 things that make them terribly happy.
i have done this before (here), but its definetly time for a new list.

1. thinking about & planning our trip to thailand for new years 2013

2. skype dates

3. wine nights

4. suprising others with small gifts (bought or created)

5. imagining & planning my our entrepreneurial idea for when we move back to the states

6. hearing that i make my parents proud

7. receiving compliments from strangers

8. feeling the christmas spirit all the way over here in israel

9. when boyfriend looks at me & tells me im pretty

10. giving myself perfect mani / pedis & saving $20 bucks doing it

 i would love to hear your list, as well!




* it was somewhat akward looking for a photo of myself for this last challenge, even though i post photos of myself on here all the time….dont know why, so i opted for my facebook photo which has been my profile pic for some time. this photo was taken last june when one of my best friends was here visiting me and we went out to a club. my friend are i are not ones to party balls, but here in israel parties dont even begin until midnight or later, so we took an extra long time to get ready and drank some vodka, red bull while passing time and we ended up having a blast partying.
i really miss her.

** on another note…i have officially completed the 10-day challenge, even though it took me a month! (you can find my first challenge post here)  now back to regular-life posting. hope you enjoyed my picks & if you challenged yourself, please leave your link, i would love to come read  =)


1. the jolly postman- i received this book in the 3rd grade from my teacher, as a going away gift when my family moved to israel.
i loved and cherished this book.
2. a light in the attic- also a book from elementary school which i loved and was inspired by.
3. the giving tree- this book sparked so much emotion in me as a child. it made me try to be less greedy and more appreciative of what life gives you.
4. chelsea handler books- i love her short stories
& i love laughing out loud while reading
next up : three films

1. that i we never settle down & buy a home

2. that something will happen to them while i am living across the world. my family, my friends, my pets.

3. a tire blowout when i am by myself

4. spiders
{i could not oven post a photo of one because i was so freaked out}
5. that things will change between us when we make the move


6. war on israel

7. sea creatures

8. heights


wow- this took a long time for me to post.
this is way more challenging that i thought.
try it, i dare you

next up : seven wants
*that should be a lot easier  🙂


A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: queen
C. Chore you hate: filling up gas
D. Dogs: my sister’s wild & crazy weiner dog back home, peanut
E. Essential start to your day: a cup of joe
F. Favorite color: i’ll be 12 and say that it changes everyday.
i seriously don’t have a favorite color
G. Gold or silver: for jewelry? it depends on what it is..
H. Height: 5’6
I. Instruments you play: none, unfortunatly
J. Job title: project manager
K. Kids: in the future
L. Live: in israel
M. Mom’s name: debbie
N. Nicknames: spy, my, yanni, beena, peets
O. Overnight hospital stays: nope *knock on wood*
P. Pet peeve: people who do not smile back, smacking while eating,
guys who do not open doors for girls
Q. Quote from a movie/show: “smilings my favorite” -elf
R. Righty or Lefty: righty
S. Siblings: i have many; two from the same parents who live in texas whom i miss more than anything!!!
T. Time you wake up: 7
U. Underwear: most of the time
V. Vegetables you dislike: peppers of any kind
W. What makes you run late: tv
X. X-rays you’ve had: teeth for the dentist
Y. Yummy food you make: chocolate chip cookies!

Z. Zoo animal favorite: flamingos

ps – would love to read your abc’s!!!

pss – thanks marli for letting me steal the abc idea! lala!

psss – did you know that “ps” stands for “postscript?”