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Just a quick post to say whats up. right now dad and our brother johnny are grilling out, they are preparing kebobs, chicken and simi is making “chips,” aka french fries, and salad. tomorrow is the end of the holiday sukkot so today is like “the day before the end of the holiday” so everyone makes a nice lunch or dinner or whatever- we will prob eat in the sukkah one last time. mel and i have been just wasting time waiting to make our move to the kibbutz. eating lunch at our savta’s house and going out with jonathan. we went to check out our kibbutz and walk around yesterday and it was nice, very big and spacious. it was pretty with flowers everywhere and people riding bikes. we even saw an 80 year old resident in his underwear- haha! the dining hall was big and the food looked great- there was like a salad bar and there were beans and rice, bread, dessert…ill give more details once im there.

anyways, regarding amy’s comment to my last post…schwarma is like a mixture of lamb, beef and turkey meat wrapped on a large skewer with the fat of the lamb sitting on top to drizzle flavor down the meat. you slice it off vertically and then season it and stuff it in a pita with whatever toppings you want. like tomatos, olives, pickles, lettuce, peppers…i just get it plain. mel enjoys it with tomatos.

alright, well going to help cook now but will write again soon!


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