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Officially one of the 15 volunteers at Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. I keep questioning my being here and my future but then push it to the back of my mind because I am having the time of my life. I am living it up and living in the NOW.

So ran today…with an injured foot. That was fun up until the end where I was limping home, so dumb. I went to a wedding party for a brother of a friend of Steven’s the other night and had so much fun, a little too much fun because I ended up busting butt down the gravel driveway on the way out and scraped my foot up pretty bad, Im even boycotting my manditory work boots and have replaced them with wearing my new balances- which my boss is hating. But not running was not an option, I geared up- and by that I mean- put on Mirelle’s leggings, because mine ripped while slipping under barbed wire on a run about month ago to get to another field, my soffee shorts, tank, tshirt, long sleeve t if its chilly and beautiful fugenta nike shox. iPod is on the second I walk out the door and its like Im on a mission. I usually walk until I can convince myself that Im wasting time walking and just go. I used to give myself time limits like run 10 minutes, walk 5, repeat, but lately I have just been running till I can’t stop. The thought has crossed my mind that I could very well pass out in one of those fields and I’m cellphone less and helpless, so I try not to go overboard but I push myself pretty hard. I ran so far today and planned out the perfect path that was just an extension to the path I have taken before and had expected to run today but got so far and ran into a huge puddle of still water with like bugs and spiders everywhere and snakes maybe so had to turn around and was so dissapointed but made the best of the situation by being happy that the way back was uphil….so I ran. Jammed out to When the Sun Comes Down (Dirty Rush Live In Rio Mix) and felt like I was making the beat, but the beat was actaully just makes my legs push harder- it was crazy.

Anyways, starting the holiday of Pesach this week, going to Tel Aviv with dad and Simi to her family’s house for dinner Wednesday night. Should be interesting. Hope to make the best of our time off (we have all next week off and will be staying with our savta), we plan on hitting up some museums, the beach, plan to shop and just chill. The following week Mirelle begins Ulpan #2, the next level of Hebrew studies she needs and I will be volunteering until further notice. Job hunt is still in action, but having doubts that I want to land something this summer. I am eating this freedom feeling up and want it to last longer so want to stall. Hopefully enrolling in the 3rd level of Ulpan at kibbutz Yagur which begins in June as a backup plan in case I dont find a job. Heather is coming 2nd week in May and staying for a good amt of time, cant belive one of my friends will actually be in my presence that soon- miss them beyond expression. Then Ben! Then Dandi! Then mom! Have to see her this year, no doubt.

Working early in the am, more to come.


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