tomorrow can wait

Can’t it? I mean, why not? Today needs to be celebrated! In such a good mood after getting up to work out at 7:30. Ran for an hour, did 7 km. I never thought of myself as “athletic,” but after Dekel told me I completed the hike we took the other day “like a man,” I might have to reconsider. I loved hiking and think Im going to make it a routine thing. It was so nice to be in the teva (nature) and really feel unattached. We were so sweaty yet I found it so romantic that he took me by the hand when it started getting hard and led the way, reminding me that we were almost there. Think Im starting to like this guy…

Tomorrow is memorial day and there will be a minute of silence all over the country to remember the fallen soldiers. My thoughts will be with the ones who fought for this country’s independence. Actually on Wednesday Israel can proudly say that she has been independent for 61 years- big accomplishment and I’m glad I am here to celebrate it.


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