to the point of no return

I have invested myself. Fully submerged. I can feel it. My feelings are on the line and my heart in his hands. Every night I am without him, he is missed. It’s taking over me, uncontrolable. But I’m loving it. He makes me happy and I always look forward to the next time I can be by his side. He loves me and he means it and it feels great.

I moved into Kibbutz Yagur last Thursday and will begin class Sunday and work Monday. Same schedule as the ulpan program before, study 3 days a week, work 3 days a week…same ol same ol. But it beats being cooped up in my dad’s house with chaos all around. It was beginning to give me gray hairs.

Ben is here and it feels so good to look over and have him be right there, I hug him when I realize that he is in the flesh next to me. His dry sense of humor and sarcastic ways were missed…The best times are when Mirelle, Ben and I are together though. I will always be appreciative of our sibling love and strong bond.


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