seeing red

Recovering from the flu; was home sick Mon, Tues & Wed from work. yuck!

But here’s a story for ya:

So on Wednesday I was feeling better and was gaining my strength back and decided to shower, reasonable right? I felt so gross from being bedridden and just was craving a hot shower!! So I turn on the hot water heater (you have to do that here in Israel) and I needed to wait like 30 minutes, so I’m watching Oprah and then Ellen comes on and I ALWAYS watch Ellen, but the shower was more important at this point, so I head to the bathtub…in our bathroom we have a shower and bathtub with like a water handle thing so you can shower in there too. I always use the bathtub because its more spacious and open and whatever. But there’s this little step in the bathtub and since we moved in in March we’ve been talking about putting something down on the floor of the bathtub because its REALLY slippery, but just haven’t gotten around to buying anything for it! (maybe you can see where this story is going..ha) So, I’m smiling, like singing to myself because the Ellen song came on and I’m stepping in the bathtub and like literally 5 seconds upon entering, after turning the hot water on, I step on that damn step in the bathtub and fall so awkwardly on my face. On my nose to be exact. Like on the back part of the bathtub. I got up all discombobulated and disoriented and turned the water off and realized that blood was gushing down my body from my face and stepped out and couldn’t feel my nose. To say the least I was FREAKING OUT. freaking out! The pain set in and I was screaming and crying running around the house (I was home alone- Dekel went to get his hair cut) I grabbed a towel and just held it to my face, scared to examine what was underneath- I thought I broke my nose, you guys. I pick up the phone trembling trying frantically to find his number which took like an hour it felt like, I call Dekel and he calms me down saying he will rush home, but he told me to just sit down and stuff some toilet paper up there to soak blood. He was a medic in the army so he knows what to do and is calm in these situations, unlike me. So, I’m sitting, sobbing, on the couch, shaking, still thinking I broke my nose because I couldn’t feel it or move it and my face was just in pain and I’m just trying to rethink how the hell this happened and how badly I just wanted to shower. Now sitting there nasty and bloody. He arrived like 20 minutes later and cleaned me up and told me it was definitely not broken. (thankgoodness!) So, that’s my story- I can’t tell you all in person so I hope you can hear me telling this story. I’m laughing about it now, but it hurt soooo bad! I was a sad story.

Anyways, it’s the weekend! I wanna know whats going on in your lives!! What are you doing this weekend in America???


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