pcb’s and popcorn

that’s whats on my mind.

i have began a new position within Flextronics, i am now the project manager for one of our american clients called BigBand Networks. and let me tell you, i am so busy that i am dreaming of work while i sleep! how/ when to go to production. if i am meeting deadlines. writing e-mails and having conference calls. double checking the quality team so that everything is running smoothly. overloaded- but in a good way.

i just got home and it seems to be that my new obsession is popcorn. im loving it right now. i mean ive always loved it, but everyday afterwork im coming home and making popcorn and loving it.

anyways, dekel and i had a cute date yesterday. straight from work we went to “Cafe Joe’s” for an early dinner, i had margarita pizza and he had a toasted sandwich with mushrooms, egg and cheese. and then we walked around a nearby city, called afula, and found somewhere to buy popsicles. yummy! it is so hot here. this weekend in eilat it is supposed to get to 47 degrees celcuis, thats like 116 farenheit!!!

so, that means beach this weekend. im there every weekend, soaking up the sun, loving it. the water is the perfect temp- it could almost be a little colder and still be nice.

we planned on a poker night tonight, but no one is interested. we played last weekend at dekel’s sister’s husband’s parents house and i won 80 shekels, that’s like 20 bucks!…and i never win 🙂 so i was all about playing again this weekend, but it seems we will just go out to a pub instead. fine by me. im liking beer more and more these days. i rarely order cocktails anymore. israeli’s in my opinion just are not as diverse in the alcohol dept. seriously- the most popular drinks are beer (carlsberg, heineken, goldstar or stella) and this licourish flavored vodka that they mix with grapefruit juice. EWWWWWWWWWW! it’s sick. i’ve ordered the occasionaol apple martini but then find it too sweet because im drinking beer so often.

anyways, rambling about drinks……..i wonder what’s going on in dallas this weekend????


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