it was saturday night and we had been studying for the GMAT all day long. 8:30 pm comes around and i realize i have nothing to wear i want to wear to work the next day. zara is dangerously only 10 minutes away at a cute, little outlet mall in nazareth so i drove there and spent about 2 hours trying possible outfits on. the newest israeli trend is trousers and i have been wanting a pair for some time (esp after reading Emily’s posts here and here). i picked up these in black and lead and they are so lightweight and comfortable. and they came with skinny belts; love that! i can already imagine them looking amazing with oversized sweaters, tucked-in button ups or my new black leather jacket. the weather is still warm-ish, but my office is freezing so it’s justified. also, it makes me look like a badass. even putting it on makes me feel powerful. i like it.

what piece in your wardrobe makes you feel powerful?


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