happy hanukkah

this weekend has flown by! we cleaned our flat friday morning, cuddled up on the couch to watch last week’s episode of Dexter, then enjoyed a wonderfully cooked shabbat dinner at Dekel’s parents house consisting of meatballs & green beans, rice, honey roasted  baked chicken, guacamole and salad. after dinner we went to download a movie and 2 seconds after my head hit the pillow of his little brothers bed, i was out like a light bulb! just needed to catch up on some zzzz’s. we woke up this beautiful saturday morning to study, yet again, for the dreaded GMAT. the mathematics section is killing me. and the funny part is, it’s the easy stuff that’s the hardest for me. anyways, we took a little study break to enjoy some fresh fruit and watch the news because a terrible fire broke out thursday afternoon on the carmel mountains in haifa and it’s simply tragic.

tonight is the lighting of the 4th candle during the holiday of hanukkah. don’t ask me what it’s all about or why we don’t get off work for this celebration..i’m already bitter. but! dekel and i decided to create our own hanukiah (menorah). we are the last couple to be considered religious, but we enjoy a fun project.

step one: find a log
step two: have the bf cut the log down to desired size
 step three: admire your way cool, lounge-around-the-house outfit (boots bought in Eilat last weekend, loving them!)
step four: sand down the parts of the wood that were cut to avoid splinters
 step five: drill holes where the bottle caps will be screwed in
 step six: screw the bottle caps in where you want them on the log, the bottle caps will catch wax from the candles and hopefully prevent your house from burning down

step seven: light the candles & say the prayer!(see video below, sorry for the crappy quality– i need to work on video uploads)

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