the last week of my life in photos

unfortunatly i can not say i own a fancy camera with an amazing lens and cool features. i love photography and hope to realize my dream of purchasing a “nice” camera sooner than later, but, in the meantime, my cell phone photos will have to do. here are some photos from the last week of my life, enjoy.

this is the scene i came across when trying to find a packing space sunday morning for work. the guy that owns the white car is shit outta luck…
the beautiful pink sky after the rain
i wandered around the shopping center in Nazareth today after work and was so excited to see Christmas decorations & hear Christmas music…..even if it was in Arabic..
 santa balloon
 my guess is that this sign says Merry Christmas in Arabic, what do you think? there were so many beautifully lit trees all around, it was so pretty & festive
 blow up santa
 i would tell you what this says if i knew..
 there was a guy making all sorts of goodies with printed pictures for Christmas, i picked Dekel and myself up a cute tree shaped key holder as a little fun suprise, im a sucker for these kinds of silly things
new purchases from Pull & Bear and Golf
 picked up this sweet button-up that is casual, yet professional. i bought a L to fit loosly and it’s so comfy. looks great tucked in or left out. esp loving the gray elbow patches – first fell in love after seeing this

 olive green leopard print scarf to add to my overwhelming scarf collection
 sweating these dark wash skinnies. they look super cute my colorful flats, can’t wait to wear ’em in

weekend time! i plan on making some sort of pastry tomorrow afternoon for our shabbat dinner at my aunt’s house. check back in for how it turns out 🙂


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