v-day inspired

Israel has its own “Valentine’s Day,” called “Yom Ha’ahava” = “love day,” which usually falls in the summertime, according to the Jewish calendar. However, many Israelis do celebrate the American Valentine’s Day on the 14th, but boyfriend was oblivious. I reminded him that’s it’s coming up, but clarified that I really want to do something fun and easy to celebrate our love for each other.

If we were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day to the max, here is what would happen:

i would decorate my home with lots & lots of flowers
(think Bed of Roses):
we would indulge in decident treats that are usually reserved for special occasions:
we would cuddle up on the couch for a movie and i would feel sexy in:
images via, collages created by me
What’s on your plate for Valentine’s Day?

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