i’m a barbie girl

purim is a holiday we will be celebrating this month, it’s sort of like the equilavent of halloween. it’s customs include drinking wine (i love when this is a “custom!), wearing masks and costumes, and public celebration.

dekel’s company (moreover, the company dekel works for) is throwing a purim party with a costume contest. and rumor has it that 1st place takes home a weekend vacation. i’m in & i’m competitive!

so…we tossed a couple funky ideas up in the air and played with them, avatar characters, roman figures etc until deciding on dressing up as barbie & ken. like barbie & ken straight from the store. like, new play dolls barbie & ken.

we took this photo:

 and documented our step-by-step creation of our (in my opinion) winning costume. take a look…

step 1:  buy rolls of barbie themed wrapping paper (we used 6 rolls) colorful ribbon, clear wrapping paper and metallic banners
step 2: find boxes that you can fit into. preferably 2 of the same boxes because it will make it easier to stack them on top of each other. we were lucky and found 4 of the exact same lightweight boxes behind an outlet mall (after hours of box hunting!)
step 3: cut the flaps off only one side of each of both boxes
step 4: stack two boxes on top of each other like so and close the very top of the upper box. tuck in the longer side flaps and leave the smaller side flaps out. you will tape all of this flap business to keep the boxes to stay stacked and sturdy
step 5: after taping heavily (i swear we used like 6 rolls for this project!), have boyfriend try on his box because you will now want to make some cute cut-outs
step 6: outline the cut-outs with pen/ marker and cut using a box cutter
step 7: make handles for the inside to hold the box up. you can see in the photo above that im holding them, without the handles, the box would have to sit on my head and that would just be akward. we found this thick, but flexible garden hose around our home and dekel stuck it through the box and tied it from the outside of the box and it works very well
step 8: wrap the entire boxes. yes, this is tedious. yes, this is annoying. and yes, this blew. but it had to be done and the final product looks great
step 9: tape from the inside squares of clear wrapping paper to give barbie & ken the “just bought” look. add decorations. i drew & cut out barbie & ken lettering and with a glue stick glued them onto the metallic banners and cut the edges to make it look cool, then we glued purple for her and blue for him ribbon to make the barbie & ken lettering pop
what do you think??
outfit choice. black mini (the girls at work thought i should go for a pink or white dress, but its too late for me to find one and i dont think it will be the dress that win win the judges over anyways) i got a feather boa as my accessory and im thinking maybe ill pick up a barbie crown to wear and i have these pink pumps and i got these $2 earrings
 i still feel the boxes need some decorating. like especially in the top part. ideas? suggestions?

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