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today israel celebrated 63 years of independance!

last night there was a cute little ceremony with singers, food and fireworks in the little village where we live & then dekel met up with friends for a “manly barbeque” & i curled up on the couch with wine and popcor to watch black swan. anyone seen it? i loved it, but i swear natalie portman had like a total of 10 lines throughout the whole movie. what was up with her not talking?

anyways, today we spent the afternoon at dekel’s brothers house, grilling, eating, drinking and then eating some more. it’s not like im used to where there are hamburgers and hotdogs and sweet tea and that’s it. after the guys got the grill going, they put on skewers and skewers of chicken, wings and spicy hotdogs. after stuffing our faces with the first round, they begin round two. kebabs and meat patties with onion and parsley. my fav! then, unbutton your pants and prepare yourselves for round three. steaks. i kid you not, there was so much food and it was all delicious. along with all the meat there were tons of little salads, lettuce with lemon, eggplant slices covered with tahina, coleslaw and cabbage.

all in all, it was a great holiday and i was happy to be celebrating here israel’s 63rd year of independance!

 my little star of david bracelet!

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