when life gives you lemons….

make salt scrub!

i have just been introduced to ‘The Beauty Department’ via this lovely lady. It is a fantastic, not to mention helpful, website!

seeing as i am burnt as a lobster (see previous post), i think i will whip up this super easy lemon salt scrub for when my entire body will start to peel.

it’s so easy! sea salt + olive oil + lemon. (find the recipe here)

have you ever made a scrub?

a few years ago my friend marli made a scrub & packaged it in mini jars that she personalized as christmas gifts, i think she made it with brown sugar. yum!

anyways, my bestie molly is coming for a quick 2 week visit with her hubby, sammy, and this short trip will be jam-packed and fun-filled. i want to apoligize in advance for the lack of posts to come, but when a friend flys 6,969 miles across the world to see you, priorties change. there will most definetly be an overload of photos and stories following her trip, so stay tuned! she is already learning about israeli culture and trying to pick up on some hebrew words / sayings and when we skype, she cracks me up! things just dont translate sometimes….



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