i am taking a quick break from my ’10-day challenge’ to post what i wore to work today. i was pretty proud that i could throw together a same-toned outfit and pull it off. i was told i looked “golden.”

i bought these slacks from zara a while back 3 months ago and they were wayyy too long, even with stilts they wouldn’t have touched the ground! no, but they seriously just sat in a bag in our car for one of us to take to the tailor. i finally got around to it and wore them for the first time today. i love the khaki color and structure of the pants, however the dang things stretched out and by the end of the day they were so loose, they felt uncomfortable. anyone know what im talking about? saggy butt, anyone? just me? ok.

i also just bought this irresistible off-the-shoulder sweater from zara (plus a few other items which i will post soon!) and it was just an item i couldn’t leave without, despite the fairly high price tag. but it slightly sparkles and i love it.

my heels are from mango, purchased about a year ago, and i have worn them once. i wore them to work and forgot emergency flats and reminded myself why i always need to have a pair hidden under my desk. but boyfriend was sweet and gave me a foot massage when i got home.

im about to go meet up with a friend at a new wine bar in ramat yishay. i hope they have my fav, gewürztraminer.

back to regular 10-day challenge posting this week,
i gotta finish what i started.
have you taken the challenge?
i would love to read your answers!

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