date night

lately, dekel and i have been finding our date nights redundant. either we go to the same places or order the same cocktail. the conversation is always entertaining and since we have our trip coming up, we have lots to talk about and look forward to. but living in the northern part of israel, the pubs / restaurants are scattered and driving is not something either of us enjoys. ramat yishay is a neighborhood 10 minutes away from where we live, in tel adashim, and lo and behold a new wine bar open up. i met a friend there monday evening (she suggested the place) and after enjoying the atmosphere (and the wine!), i knew this was an optional new date spot.

so, dekel and i dressed up & went there last night (i forgot the name of the place) and ordered a bottle of gewürztraminer. the place is mellow with patio seating and a chef who comes to your table himself to tell you about the specials. we came with full bellies after shabbat dinner, but the wine hit the spot.
here are some photos from friday night:

dekel acting like he hates pictures. in actuality, he always asks me to take photos of him after its my turn with the photoshoots 🙂
the most comfortable dress i own. i bought it last summer at marshalls in dallas and wore it to my best friends wedding rehersal. it has great sentimental value.
 i got a little red after spending 2 hours at the beach after friday mornings class. i love that summer sun!
 bad photo, but i picked up the cutest peace bracelet.
earrings that i received from my sister for my birthday last year.
chilled wine over candlelight.
 the man i love
 this is how things start to look after a bottle of wine

he was actually playing with the camera, we made sure to sober up before driving home by indulging in forzen yogurt with loaded fruity and chocolaty toppings.  =)

all in all, a fantastic date.

what did you do this weekend?

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