starting the week off right

* i have not completed my blogger challenge yet; i am stuck trying to pick my 4 books.
i WILL complete this challenge…..but in the meantime……

i started my week off right with a fun dress. this dress is from marshalls, believe it or not, and cost like $15. its an amazing article of cloting in the fact that it IS an outfit in itself, just throw on a pair of sandals and you’re done. it has a back cutout, which is eye-catching. it has pockets! and loose sleeves. and the pattern rocks. in other words, i love this dress and slipped it on sunday morning to kick off my week. i originally wore my hair down and wavy, but this sweet girl at work gave me a one minute updo. seriously it took her 1 minute to put my hair up and she used only bobby pins. i was impressed.

how will you start your week off?

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