as promised

since i dont want to throw up photos on this post, i thought i should break it down and post pics in order of destination.

we traveled to amsterdam, then to dallas, on to mexico, back through amsterdam and then “home” to israel. on our way to dallas, our layover in amsterdam was 10 hours. this gave us plenty of time to train it to the city center, pop in to one of those coffeeshops, walk around, sightsee and have lunch and a beer. then it was off to dallas.

hope you enjoy the pictures! if you have any questions about our trip, i would be happy to answer! 🙂 just leave a comment.

about to take off for amsterdam!!!
arriving to the city centre
view when exiting the train station
so many bikes!
 it really is a city on water
mappin out the city
 red light district
live porno show, anyone?
um, yeah…
cute little outside market
the houses wall-to-wall apartments were pretty damn cute

entrance to an apt

 h&m flagship store!!!
 a giant dutch shoe outside of a souvinier shop
 little carriage ride around amsterdam’s city centre
  there were so many cute, little hostels
 stopping to enjoy fro-yo in a little park
 dekel took this photo, he is such the photographer 🙂
next segment : dallas!!!

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